The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 371


  1. Tfatk grew on me. Now I can't miss it once. And these are the best. Just B & B and Chin chillin and hanging out.

  2. doug stanhope is spinning in his grave hearing "comic" brendan defend that mans firing… also that lady rosanne tweeted about for sure kinda looked like she was from planet of the apes, and patrice o neal smiled with glee when he saw the pic of her dressed as hitler baking jew cookies. also im my opinion, all the children coming over the border from now on should have their parents killed and they be turned into our x men super soldiers

  3. Brandon knows better then a PhD professor of sleep medicine… schwabs getting dumber by the episide man. Your body doesn't adapt to lack of sleep it suffers you dumb shit

  4. His psoriasis isn't so bad. I have it on my eyeballs people! Steroid cream/eye drops reduce inflammation within a day, for me. Sun, diet, sleep, stress, location, all have an impact.

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