The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 371


  1. I normally side with Bryan, but I’m with Brendan on the Netflix thing….

  2. Omg I didn't think i could laugh harder than i did when Chris D'Elia did his "IS IT THOUGH!!!!!!", then Chin just killed me with his googling skills at 1:38:50

  3. Its bullshit that they were offended in that context…they just bitching to be bitching. Brendan is being actn stupid over that. Overly

  4. I can’t tell what’s worse…Brendan’s inability to properly say words, his fashion sense, or his taste in music. If pop country were a person…it would be Brendan

  5. Brendan's not filling out those shirt sleeves like he was before he went to TX. Did he pick up something?

  6. Brendan's a big dope about this shit… it's insane hearing him talk about wanting MORE restrictions on how we can talk or act sexually. Bryan was dead right when he said "you're next". Anything taken out of context for a headline sounds awful

  7. Brendan is such an insufferable cunt. Bring back Chris and Will, and drop this fucking swollen egomaniac.

  8. How is this white guy defending another white guy for using the “ N “ word. Wow.

  9. Yo chin I go to school at Baylor in Waco! close to where u lived in Texas

  10. Welcome to the Bryan Callen and over opinionated friend of Joe Rogan who owes Joe EVERY PENNY and is not as funny as Will Sasso, not even close… Clearly bias and hates Will because he's jealous! Im not hating but… But Bro besides you only being correct 20% of the time in MMA, I was a fan but you've twisted your huge head SOOOOO far up your own ass that you've become more annoying than entertaining… Yes this is my opinion but one day dude I promise you will hit a huge LOW. Save your money buddy because let's be honest, you're not famous because because of your own substance. You need sleep, bud. I know you know what Im saying is real. I'll respect you again when you're rehumbled… You were awsome without this new ego of yours. When you were nervous and learning you had substance but you've over done it and because overly confident from the compliments. There's not hate here… I just hope you dont fall as hard as your ego has grown.. Best wishes, big guy. Just remember where you were a year ago…Becauae all my friends have quit listening…Many people cringe. Many people wish you the best, but even more people say, "Fuck that guy."

  11. you literally hired an Asian just on the assumption that he will be boss with computers, yet time and time again, he can't do basic google searches. how is he still on this show

  12. I agree with bryan. I believe you should be able to say the n word in a non offensive way, People are so sensitive.

  13. His psoriasis isn't so bad. I have it on my eyeballs people! Steroid cream/eye drops reduce inflammation within a day, for me. Sun, diet, sleep, stress, location, all have an impact.

  14. Brandon knows better then a PhD professor of sleep medicine… schwabs getting dumber by the episide man. Your body doesn't adapt to lack of sleep it suffers you dumb shit

  15. doug stanhope is spinning in his grave hearing "comic" brendan defend that mans firing… also that lady rosanne tweeted about for sure kinda looked like she was from planet of the apes, and patrice o neal smiled with glee when he saw the pic of her dressed as hitler baking jew cookies. also im my opinion, all the children coming over the border from now on should have their parents killed and they be turned into our x men super soldiers

  16. Tfatk grew on me. Now I can't miss it once. And these are the best. Just B & B and Chin chillin and hanging out.

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