The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 370: Chris D’Elia & Will Sasso


  1. I used to get high as fuck on Kratom a couple years back. I stopped cause one day I had a bbq with my friends, I took a lot and got up to use the pisser and when I sat back down, thats when I realised I got up to go to the bathroom. That's all I needed to stop taking it

  2. The โ€œThe client John Grisham does Chris readโ€ conversation took place in a ten minute podcast episode somewhere

  3. I'm sorry Schaub, I always thought you'd replace Bryan with someone on day…but then this trifecta happened.

  4. Yeah, this podcast would thrive without Brendan as host. No unwanted interruptions. Callen should have been the main host from the beginning. I hope they can pull this thing together soon

  5. The Starbucks in Chris's house bit is probably the funniest bit of any TFATK episode

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