The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 369


  1. Brain, I lifted weights in high school, then when I went back to college a few years later I started lifting again, I added pull ups and dips to my work out, cut the whole thing to an hour three times a week, high protein diet. I had never been bigger. I have to say it was the pull ups and dips. I could do them in high school, but, I never made them mandatory. When I did…

  2. Is there a gaypool for Bryan?
    I think he is going to divorce his wife and come out by 2024.

  3. I don't watch this podcast for CHIN, he can't sing, he's a kratom junkie who needs to spend time promoting the show not his own career

  4. Brian's walking around with a picture of Justin Bieber's dick on his phone, and his first reaction' isn't to erase them, but to show them off and complement it…

  5. I’ll be honest, Bryan sounds terrified that some sexual allegations could come out against him. He always sided with the accused lol just saying. I’ve heard him go down the same road multiple times.

  6. I wonder if Joe Hogan will talk about X's death on his podcast. Apparently LIl B is goin to be a guest.

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