The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 367: Theo Von


  1. Every episode with Theo is guaranteed to have a roast session between him and Brendan and they're HILARIOUS!! 🤣🤣

  2. If he had the chance , brendan would drop callen n put Theo in his place in a heartbeat lol

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  4. I have nightmares where I run into these 2 somewhere and they start roasting me

  5. Bye far the best guest, the podcast flys bye hes so funny lol. He has some crazy stories like the fella tat use to pay him to look at his ass hole while listening to brown eyed girl haha pmsl.

  6. Yo Schaub , you should pull up a picture of Billy the exterminator next time Theo is in lol I'd lose it . Tell him to get  highlights in his hair bro .

  7. A VERY entertaining podcast, yet me-thinks Fighter and the Von might not wear well if it was in regular rotation; I'm happy if he's a very regular guest and maybe rotating with Callen.
    This may turn out to be the case depending on 'The Kid's' success in his new show – he might not have enough time to podcast with Brandon if he get's much busier..

  8. I can't be the only dude here that would love to go balls deep inbetween those old school Beth Chapman tiddies

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