The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 366


  1. girls have this agenda, yes to make babies before menopause clock strikes, but also this evil drive to make other girls jealous, so she drags Schaub and his boy to this baby shower hours away, the rare free time he has, she wants to spend it showing big brown off like a show pony, to make the single girls in the house jealous. i absolutely hate the negative energy of girls feeding off the envy and loneliness of other girl. this is the kind of shit Schaub's gotta bring up in their couples therapy, this dumb shit she does. see no disrespect to Schaub nor his girl, but this is why you have to be careful, thru the looks, the big ass, gotta pay attention to her brain and her decision making, her spirit, before you even go even go in raw, let alone bust a shorty, now you may be stuck with a long term headache that you can't resolve, because girls are never happy, hence she makes him do therapy.

  2. Kratom is really awful for you kidneys long term. It is an opioid and addictive, someone with past history of opiate abuse may have trouble with it. I find it best only used once a week max!

  3. If you take it daily and stop you will have withdrawal. It is an opioid, the active chemical mitragynine is 40-100 times more potent than morphine. It will also kill your liver/kidney long term and isn't regulated well. The withdrawal is way worse than coffee… insomnia, diarrhea, restlessness you will go through opiate withdrawal as it is a mu agonist like morphine or heroin. Is it useful? Yes, but only for people with debilitating pain that would otherwise be taking oxycodone or a similar drug. It is great for getting off of heroin, or prescription pills but is not a long term solution!

  4. ..but, Colby going after Rogan, its fake publicity to get your name in the news, its Kardashian shit. just go on a win streak, knock em out quick, just follow the Conor method. seems so easy from the outside looking in, Rogan can't properly respond nor retaliate back, so this play by Colby is a sucker move. Conor makes humorous moves, though the chair stunt they pulled was extra, Colby gotta find another way to make noise, but dominant win streak 1st, then publicize.

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