The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #596 – Bert Kreischer


  1. Bert needs to reconcile with his boy and stop drinking!!! Ya killing yaself and the denial is pathetic.

  2. Love your stand up love your podcast. I watch every podcast. I do wish that your guests were aloud to talk more. They can barely get a word in

  3. Lee looks like that guy who sings "Kiss From A Rose On A Grave" or whatever the shit.

  4. Bert's been hitting the booze hard. That type of puffiness only comes from alcohol. 

  5. I’m 21 and I watch these consistently. Does this fit my age demographic or am I weird ?

  6. Keep up the diet Lee you look great! Oh shit i think Lee is fatter than both uncle joey and bert.

  7. Same ole guest like clockwork. Ari, Tom, Edgy, Walker, Theo (who's actually funny), Sam, the kinda funny Mexican dude, Bert again.

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