The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #593 – Jessimae Peluso


  1. If she was driving her worn panties to the laundromat, i would drag my balls threw 2 miles of broken glass just to lick the bumper on her car.

  2. She’s got a great big Jewish nose , and it’s two minutes early wherever she goes….

    1. She’s not Jewish. Nothing Jewish about her. That is all.

  3. joey and lee get your testosterone levels checked…that could be it for weight loss

  4. Gave a like for uncle joey.. but I didnt find her all so attractive nor entertaining.. she was over sexual, her intentions to seduce the church.. ha.. but over all thank you uncle joey for the time and upload

  5. I love this girl Jessimae. If joey fucked her pussy I would suck his dick just to taste her pussy juice.

  6. had to check out after 30 mins. she kept talking over everyones favourite uncle! let the man get his stories out……

  7. 1:27:07 to 1:27:13 is the "character" or a 'character" that could be further constructed/formulated…
    "The good girl" that wants be tuff as nails but doesn't quit realize how horrible it is and how disturbingly deep the waters run
    to try to fit in with fucked up jaded mother fuckers. (finding the humor,… that exists in the innocent inner psychological moral compass that consistently seems to be getting popped like a pimple all over her "good angel" that is
    trying desperately to deliver her from the bedeviling nature of the pathway that she shamelessly and naively continuous on so as to prove to herself that she can truly be respected by those from the other side of the tracks…But at what cost?
    innocents lost.
    Best Wishes,
    Goldie Lox's "Pump & Dumped" Placenta

  8. LOL Lee is so off his head , it took me like 2 seconds to find that pizza video, it’s the most relevant one that pops up

  9. Listen. This bitch talking about her vibrator and uncle Joey saying he would cut his nails is everything I expect. Joey and lee never disappoint ❤️

  10. Fucking Lee you gotta pick up your game cocksucka! You're the soldier of the Church! Stop being a lazy dumbass bum.

  11. She's hot, funny, and not annoying. Let's keep these standards for female guests uncle Joey!

  12. I love joeys stories always but this bitch don't get a word he's saying. … she's hott though. .. that counts I guess.

  13. It's sad to see a bunch of grown men groveling at the feet of a stranger
    This comment section is Cuck soy boy Central today.
    It's like every other fucking Momo is here brown-nosing to sumbitch they never met and will never meet…
    "she's so hot" "I'd eat her fart"
    That what loser incels say
    Listen up boys…real girls don't like bitch boys like yall who grovel like worms at her feet.
    They like real men like me who have enough self control not to govel like a bitch boy.
    Get off your knees and stop praising her bunch of fucking losers with no girlfriends
    And you will stay single if a girl ever saw you acting so weak and petty to a stranger so do yourselves a favor and give up that whole praising and groveling bullshit and implement a better strategy because I don't like seeing my fellow men acting so beta-male and weak minded.
    Women don't like seeing weak men either.
    So if you want to impress the ladies act like a man and stop acting like a worm at her feet

  14. I watched this live, and it was the longest I've ever laughed for anything… (Haven't watched this version, but the live one was definitely not PC… And it ended with DIO Holy Diver… Fin tremendous!)

  15. The worst guest ever.. Super loud for no reason, her comments are so oblivious and obnoxious. Plus Joey speak in to the fucking Mike! No body can fucking hear youuuuuuuuu! Please speak in to the mic, it's really annoying when I'm trying to watch your podcast. Thank you! Much love I hope you read this… Speak in to the fucking mic! Peace.

  16. Fucking Uncle Joey , if I finger you it’s like an old tampon , you go into culture shock. Lmao !!!!

  17. Santeria works so good it kept joey s mom alive. Too bad Santeria can't save his career. Lol.

  18. such a out there girl. joey being all serious and she bursts out random sentences, haha funny shit

  19. She's hot and loves weed, what a perfect combo. If anyone knows her email let me know.

  20. Left the bong in my kitchen after cleaning it and the family found it! I thought about the church instantly and said FUCK IT!!!!

  21. Pure gold !!! Jessimae “ I like a good dick joke, but it’s got to come from the heart “, hey , is there a Doberman barking somewhere.

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