The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #592 – Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt

Joey Diaz talks with Lee Syatt about an emotional topic, suicide. From Chris Cornell to Anthony Bourdain, we have lost a lot of people who (from an outsiders perspective) appeared to have perfect lives. Joey and with Lee discuss how Joey has coped with similar issues and feelings in his life and why he believes his techniques have worked for him.


  1. Respect, uncle Joey and cousin Lee, u guys are awesome, much love from Amsterdam !!!

  2. thank you, uncle joey, thank you, lee. past months have been rough, my mind has turned towards death many times. this helps. again, thank you!

  3. Joey I now believe everything happens for a reason I'm currently 15 days clean off a painkiller and any drug I could find addiction and have been really depressed for the last 2 or 3 days thoughts of suicide etc and i was destined in this moment to watch this it, hearing you talk about these topics and the exact things and emotions I'm feeling helped me to no end thank you Joey and lee

  4. the podcast has slipped since they stopped doing edibles. it used to be tremendous. how just mildly tremendous.. but i guess it's good for uncle joey's health. he was getting too fucked up and then binge eating. gaining weight

  5. You stopped me uncle Joey. I been very down. Nothing going right. You have a way of saying things the right way. Bless you. Both you and Lee rock‼️❤️
    Listened live last night on a day I had been thinking about it. Thinking about my life.

  6. Some people have unseen demons and there is nothing that can be done. It’s heartbreaking.

  7. 10pm here in Ireland and just rolled a fat one to listen to uncle Joey…

  8. glad i caught this yesterday live,really hit home wen i ran out of my vice

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