The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #591 – Steven Brody Stevens


  1. This guy sounds like a complete asshole with a very over-inflated ego. Starting shit and taking pictures of people in a starbucks, acting like a complete douchebag. What a complete piece of shit.

  2. I used to love the church. Something has changed, I'm tired of hearing the same stories episode to episode. The podcast lacks fun, I think Joey asumes taking tons of drugs (weed, pills, shrooms) is substitute for actual content. Maybe they should try watching videos, or talking about current events. I'm done, and I can tell by the views other people are too. They went from hundreds of thousands of views even a million per podcast to under 100K. Something needs to change..

  3. Nothings happening
    Fat ass dopehead..
    Don't know nothing
    Except how to b
    A brain dead

  4. some times i worry for brody, with this mental health awareness these days lets not sleep. let him get it out man before becomes another

  5. Must of been hard for Steven Boring Stevens to listen to Joey giving him advice

  6. Brody is like an IG model. All these motivational quotes, uplifting buzzwords and preaches "love" yet needs the drama to justify his conflicting vanity.

  7. When Uncle Joey is down on the upside he brings out the dude. I get it. But Brody is hard work though. Haha

  8. Joey.. when u just talk your hilarious.. I'm sure the special is going to be TREMENDOUS..don't take it hard on urself.. your lucky to even make it on netflix! There's no where but going up from now on. Your an insperation to many of us. God bless!

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