RDA vs Covington – Post-Fight Analysis – Coach Zahabi


  1. 4:38 A very nice body shot but since colby has such a great chin he did not fall, that makes a lot of sense ! Thank you Sensei LOOOOOOL

  2. LOL Firas your boy Dos anjos just got destroyed by Colby and many people knew dos anjos wasn't that good, because khabib played with him using his grappling and eddie alvarez knocked him out cold and alvarez is not even a very technical striker just a brawler hoping to connect somehow brendan schaub style, but for some reason (that most people ignore) your such a fan of Dos anjos LOL Thats just amazing.. I hope khabib wins against "touch of death" LOL so that will be a 2-0 and hope he destroys your number one guy GSP "the weird psycopath" for a 3-0 ! Master Zahabi LOOOOOOOL

  3. RDA had a terrible gameplan in my opinion. He didn't move enough and was always close to the cage. When he threw short range kicks close to the cage, I was really frustrated. If RDA doesn't have space to let his shots go, he loses the fight by getting clinched. His corner didn't seem to give him the right advice neither. The fight went on the same way basically until he mixed in some takedowns.

    I wish he went for takedowns from the beginning on. We saw that Colby's grappling defence isn't as good as his pressure offense. The takedowns were very surprising to Colby. A 3rd degree black belt should use his BJJ if the striking doesn't work. I can't understand why RDA didn't adjust.

  4. Swarmer beats Boxer
    Slugger beats Swarmer
    Boxer beats Slugger

    So if you take boxing as a guide, then slugger Woodley beats swarmer Covington. Wonderboy would get butchered by Covington, Covington would ravage him.

    Rory McDonald, on the other hand, would take Woodley 8 of 10. On the other, other hand, Covington beats McDonald 8 of 10.

  5. Despite all the crazy talking that Colby does, it's pretty obvious that he's improved a lot. If you look at his past fights compared to this last fight vs RDA, the grappling control was approaching that Khabib level (AKA Rag-dolling). I think his cardio was ridiculous. Me and my friends were all saying there is no way he can keep up that pace for 5 rounds , but he did. I was impressed honestly.

  6. Rda was booty in the clinch and got fought off the cage for 70 % of the fight. Covington’s kicks were too frequent to ever close sufficient space. Amazing display of cardio. RDA in no way won rnd 1.

  7. Interesting you saw it 2 rounds each. You're the guru so i suppose I can't have a say in this topic haha Excellent vid.

  8. Excuse my name. Hey coach I'm a college student that wants to go to Renzo's to train MMA for self defense. I can't afford it though. Any suggestions? Message me please?

  9. Firas you irradiate humbleness. I like that. Thanks for your time and perspective. Greetings from Ecuador

  10. 2 rounds each?

    That shit was easily 4 rounds to 1 and that's because Colby took off round 4.

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