Podcast follow up training intensity and much more – AMA 22 – Coach Zahabi


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong Coach but how can philosophy be "right" or "wrong"? Seems like the essence of philosophy is that you can chop it up till it's 180° south of where it started and still making sense?

  2. Awesome stuff thanks coach! Would you say knee on belly is a good strategy for control when rolling with a bigger opponent?

  3. For going to 70% instead of 100% training, would this still apply for those that only work 2 days a week, with about 3 days between training?
    I understand going 70% if you are training almost everyday, not those that train minimally.
    Thank you!!

  4. Yes, keep the philosophy going Coach, please.
    I love the cross examinations, since I was a child and being cross examined as well for a deeper perspective. I love it Coach 👍

  5. How often can you workout a day? Example, cardio in the Morning weights in the night, if your following the 70% rule ?

  6. Dang it Coach, definitely different, but still awesome, thank you man!
    I hope all is well with your Ramadan 👊
    I'm gearing up to try fasting. I figured I'd start with a three-day distilled water only. It's very hard on me though genetically on my dad's side we consume a tremendous amount of calories and don't really gain much weight at all. Fairly high energy too.
    Anyways… Thanks again Firas!

  7. That bit on science resonates so much with me. I read a lot of articles on research in several fields and so many contradicts one another. And even worst, some scientists just refuse to acknowledge that new data arrives all the time and cannot admit or even take a moment to look into the information given, using as excuse that this or that was proven or disproven long ago. As if it was an un-shakable thing. Brilliant stuff here. Thanks Firas.

  8. Surprised you didn't put joe in a time out zone for all that swearing good podcast though

  9. I have a question regarding the flow. If you are in a flow state in a fight against an opponent who is as good as you and better, certainly the difficulty level must be close maximum? So not like level seven in Tetris when you can handle 15? Is it different in training and in a fight? Because it seems like some really good fighters find the flow state easy even when they are up against the highest level guys. Great video. Thank you so much.

  10. Honestly don't agree with the training format, if you don't go 100 per cent intensity you will never improve to that next level, if you constantly go 70 per cent your body will be adjusted to that level, it's all about improving to be your best

  11. logic itself is a mechanism that has paradoxes. in fact, it was bertrand russel and kurt gordel (two philosophers) who discovered the limits of logic. some believe russel's paradox and incompleteness closed the discipline for philosophers and logicians because of the two works. why dont you attack logic with the same vigor? mathematics is a purely theoretical endeavor, science is more than mathematics. there are elements in science that make it more complicated than mathematics because it uses mathematics to understand the world which is inherently complex.

  12. your joe rogan conversation went to millions of ears.. u cant go back to just talking about training after that . Lol. Fwiw i dont see how philosophy detracts from teaching martial arts especially if the videos are properly labeled and positive

  13. Firas, you did a magnificent job in explaining the philosophy of science. I've had some die hard 'scientism' (dutch) friends watching it and they were actually rattled in a positive way. It was very insightful and surely triggers the appetite to study the philosophy of science in greater length.

    Keep up the great work coach! ✌️️

  14. I"m just curious why you are that severe about giving purple belts. I agree with pretty much everything you have said about why but there is one thing.. The rules are the same for blue and purple belt under most competition rules. Shouldn't brown be the new purple belt? Yes, it is true that organizations like Grappling Industries have changed the rule set and allow more of the old school rules back, but the rules are still the same from both. I kind of feel like purple belt is kind of a made up belt used to just encourage people to continue to do jiu jitsu before quitting before black. Judo don't even use this belt colour.

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