Monday Morning Analyst: Dan Hardy Breaks Down UFC Singapore


  1. Good stuff, but i think Dan should stay retired. The game evolved way too much, plus he's 36 and has been out for 6 years. No need to try to prove anything, even to himself, because it's gonna lead to more harm than good. Just don't fight in the octagon anymore. He has future as an analyst though

  2. I detest Dan Hardy’s commentary if there is a UK fighter in the cage. Perfect example is his BS commentary of the Neil Magny vs Craig White bout. Hardy had White still very in the fight even after Magny had him on his back raining down strikes while White wasn’t defending. Is the UK that in need of positive reinforcement in MMA that Hardy has to lie about what is going on? If Jon Anik has said that Ronda Rousey was “still in the fight” while getting bludgeoned by Nunes, everyone would have called for his head. Standards matter people!

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