Michael Bisping on Whitaker vs Romero at UFC 225 – Believe You me #66 Highlight


  1. Bisping go on JRE i think most fans dont know your on YouTube with a podcast just a suggestion. Big fan. God Bless

  2. The reason GSP came out of retirement is cause he was confident he could beat Bisping which he did. The reason GSP vacated the belt again is cause he wants no parts of Whitaker. Whitaker is the champ now cause of GSP vacating the belt and beating Romero in that 5 round interim fight. Bisping is defiantly not champ anymore cause he was choked out by GSP.

  3. Megan Anderson will beat Holly Holm.. put your free bet DSI money on it. But you must bet 3 x your winnings to be able to take your money. I still have $130 from when Rose first beat Joanna.

  4. Every real fan of MMA knows Whittaker-Romero was for the real title. Neither of Bisping's defenses are legitimate title defenses against contenders.
    Now, this sad, retired bum is again attacking Romero for a steroid test which USADA independently verified as a tainted supplement. They went away and bought an unopened batch of the supplement he was taking and it tested positive for the exact same thing he popped for, hence only receiving a 6 month suspension.
    This attack gives more impetus to his pathetic fanboys to slander Romero in online forums. This is not proper behaviour for a UFC employee, but he'll get away with it because he's buddies with Dana, just like his disgraceful title run.

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