Let’s pretend Brock Lesnar will fight Daniel Cormier or Stipe Miocic next


  1. Chael we need u to talk about fighting. Your the only one doing it brotha 💪

  2. Just make a Juiced division and have Jones and Lesnar fight for the first title.

  3. I still can't sleep at night because of that story about the hole in the ground. Please I need closure

  4. This is what colby has to do if he wants to push his "asshole persona" & actually get it to work. And its pretty simple he has to just be himself sometimes too, like chael does. Turn on OK but turn it off too when it's not needed

  5. Cormiers Boxing is really underrated , pretending the wrestling cancels out, he would dice Brock up on the feet easily.

  6. I hope DC wins just to see him and Lesnar fight, I think he would fuck Brock up but not in the same way Stipe would dismantle him. I think DC's wrestling technique will be too much for Brock's brute force wrestling, not to mention his boxing is miles ahead of Brock's.

  7. i don't understand why people are interested in seeing a super roidhead get a pass on the drug test and fight a clean opponent in the ufc. i mean, i understand that brock lesnar is a muscle freak but so are most heavyweights in other mma organisations like ksw. as a hardcore fan i'm against this sort of thing regardless of how entertaining it is.

  8. I see Brock Lesner getting the shit kicked out of him by the champ and I see Daniel Cormier wrestling and eventually submitting him
    Looks like the WWE shit is going to now enter UFC if what they say is true I will take two huge steps away from the UFC

  9. Chael's so nice to take time out of his day to go down to Gracie gym and teach them a few things about grappling.

  10. Girlfriend: “for weeks, You’ve been looking at your phone, grinning. And ignoring me for minutes at a time. You look smitten. Are you texting someone else, cheating on me?”
    Me: “no….it’s chael videos.”

    Thanks Chael!

  11. DC pre UFC drug testing = heavuweight

    DC post UFC drug testing = light heavyweight

    you do the math

  12. What if Brock comes in at 240 and shredded and has been working on his striking? You never know

  13. Brock is physically strong, and athletically gifted. But he never exposes himself to different gyms/fighters in training.

    Had he started in MMA early, he might have been the very similar to a heavyweight Matt Hughes. Decent boxing, great wrestling, average leg kicks to the legs/body, and great jui jitsu. Matt Hughes had his limits, and he never surpassed them.

    I would never in a million years expect Matt Hughes to throw spinning roundhouse kicks like Edson Barbosa or to be able to evade strikes and smoothly counter like Anderson Silva.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure Lesnar would have had a Matt Hughes-type career. But, as it stands, he sucks at striking, can't throw kicks, and doesn't have the mental fortitude to absorb shots like Hughes. That's just something that comes with actual training with different and talented training partners.

  14. I think Chael underestimates Brock's size and strength by saying that Stipe is just going to knock him out

  15. I think they both fuck him up badly and quickly. Brock has lost a ton of size and strength in the last few years, which was his only attribute. He isn't a good wrestler, from a technical standpoint, despite his accomplishments in the ncaa. Both of those fights are squash matches.

  16. Sorry about the Rogan fanboys still giving you crap. Next thing you know they’ll be saying Joe could headkick you and knock out and will actually believe it haha they did the same thing for Colby.

  17. Lesnar is a stud, but put him against a top tier striker with a strong takedown defense and he turtles up by the 2nd round… either way, shut up and take my money because I'm watching it.
    Both Stipe and DC are ridiculously underrated and I hope they both get a high profile fight with Lesnar.
    Also interesting is that Lesnar is 40, DC is 39, and Stipe is 35.

  18. Brock beats anyone of these guys cnt stop his takedown and his top game is savage.

  19. Marlon morales doesn’t derservee a title shot Raphael Assuncao kicked his ass less then a year ago don’t be stupid

  20. I wonder if Chael is in the middle of training and just says ‘WAIT! Turn the camera on, I have something to say’

  21. I really wanna see you and Ariel but I already pay for fight pass, a few payperviews a year and cable (of which I only watch ufc)… I'm not gonna pay for espn too. Hopefully I'm not alone and they decide to upload Ariel and the bad guy to youtube

  22. I think Brock will win if he gets the takedown early. If not, it will be a long night for Brock, KO probably.

  23. Brock off roids can in no way compete with DC or Stipe. He would gas out way too quick for them and isn’t talented enough to finish those guys. They are superior well rounded MMA champions, plain and simple.

  24. Stipe is big, long, calm in the ring, takes a punch, and has huge fight Is. DC is savage, much smaller and a better fight for Brock in terms of both being elite wrestlers. Brock loses both matches if USADA shows up and his health fails. But still very different fights.Solid analysis Chael. You are so much better when you play it straight. You are a grown man, lose the phony bad boy shtick. Respect!

  25. Chael, what’s your opinion of Brendan’s opinion of Brock vs. Stipe?

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