JRE MMA Show #31 with Daniel Straus & Joe Schilling


  1. Joe Hogan been in a killing streak with some good podcasts lately. Props. He always seems to come thru with the good ones in the summer

  2. Chill ass dudes like Daniel who do violence in a cage for a living are unnerving as fuck.

  3. Joe Schilling was a cool guest, but it seemed like there wasn't a lot of chemistry in the room, you could tell Joe was just pulling the conversation a long constantly. Daniel Straus…. man some people should just not get high on the podcast lol.

  4. I’m from Cincinnati and did summer league wrestling on his team, he was crazy n a savage even back then, powerful mason-Straus

  5. Daniel Straus on 12 benadryls right now soundin' like he used moose soup as lube to cum in 4 strokes. Idk if I'd ever wanna try that out.

  6. Daniel seems like he’s on opiates probably for the pain. No knock on him after what he’s been through I’m just making an observation. Or maybe Xanax he’s so monotone

  7. Young Jamie with the insane upload speed. Is this the norm at the new place? Got damn

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