Joe Rogan Experience #1138 – Ted Nugent


  1. "I'm a patriot, Republican, and pro sending OTHER people's kids overseas to secure MY rights and MY way of life" – Ted "I literally poopie my undies when my country needs me" Nugent #fakepatriot

  2. Does he, Nugent, always talk like a crazy person? Or was he in a weird place for this podcast?

  3. He is a fucking draft doger if he was full of shit then he full of shit now just cause you like to play the part doesn't mean you are teddy

  4. A pedophile and racist who gave grounds for apartheid. Weird guest to have on, Joe.

  5. This dude pretended to be sick by shitting his pants to get out of the Vietnam draft. Be careful before you drink the cool aid bros. He’s not as “badass” as he says he is.

  6. Never liked Ted.. after listening to him I love him…! He tells the truth !

  7. Cool fact about Ted #3 : He once openly threatned President Obama in front of a group of people, calling him a "subhuman mongeral " and that "all men are not created equal"

  8. I keep seeing "Ted Nugent is a child molester" in the comments.
    Is he really or is that just some echochamber bullshit?

  9. I don't disagree with a lot of what Ted says but the way he presents it and his lack of argument and overblown ego really turns me off. but nugent with a byrdland and a stack of amp I would listen to all day.

  10. Joe Rogan really will have any shit head on his show long as they’re racist and on right smh.

  11. I appreciate the wide variety of guests, and I’m excited to hear how Elon Musk is, but when are you going to get Dave Chappelle on here, man?!

  12. I like Ted Nugent best when his mouth isn't moving and he's shredding the guitar.

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