Joe Rogan Experience #1137 – Duncan Trussell


  1. the start of the podcast on dumb people and the rest of us paying for it reminded me of a law in florida. its illegal to try and catch a fish with a tea spoon (or tea cup cant remember wich but point beeing somehow somewhere a dumbass had to have tried this or worse died attempting to do this).

  2. A Tool to help us See/Listen/Learn/Read/Write/Speak =Knowledge=Who-What-Where-when=Understanding-why=Wisdom=How.

  3. Joe milking the cow by separating Duncan & Hamilton in 2 Podcasts, YES, spoken like a TRUE Rogan devotee, GUILTY!

  4. This is why Lee sucks and Jamie is the man. He uploads this podcast minutes after it’s over. Even puts up clips of the podcast while it’s still live. Lee will upload 5 days later if he uploads it all. Jamie will pul up google searches or YouTube videos seconds after joe talks about a subject. Lee has to be asked to pull something up and will take minutes to do so and will usually not pull up the right thing. Joey needs a different producer and just have Lee on the podcast as a guest. If he thinks he’s going to make a career producing other people’s podcast he’s sadly mistaken. Gluttonous Sloth Lee with his 5 stomach folds and 4 Chins while he says he’s losing weight. God help the Christ Killer he’s so delusional

  5. Heyas if you love Duncan check out the Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast, it's the best! I found out about him through this podcast. Joe Rogan, although I'm not always agreeing with him, has introduced to me to some fucken teachers man I am grateful

  6. This was an incredible episode, and Joe spoke so eloquently about what needs to be changed in the world and with people. I hope we can all learn a bit from this podcast experience

  7. Duncan is hilariou but why does he have to be such a soft insecure lefty? He's like the opposite of DigiByte.

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