Joe Rogan Experience #1135 – Ari Shaffir


  1. Come to Australia Joe Rogan 👍🏼 I’ll smash a beer can with my tits for ya

  2. Joes an informant UNSUBSCRIBE!!!! …. Re-Subscribe to get my comment alerts babbyyy !!!

  3. @powerfuljre Puerto Rico being bankrupt is the consequence of decades of government corruption. Utilities are run by gov and haven't been maintained properly since forever. Taxes are low for the rich and companies who bring business but everyone else gets fucked over. Every mistake made by the government gets resolved with a new tax. Progressives are ruining the island little by little passing law to give more power to the gov all for "the greater good" which means their pockets. Yes, sounds like socialism and its awful. Be thankful that the U.S.A still has people that believe in individual rights and are willing to fight the horde of lefty zombies that can only repeat the same 7 talking points, are always the victim and blame everything on everyone but themselves. Just in case I'm born and raised in Puerto Rico

  4. The notification bells keeps getting turned off. WTH?

  5. Fentanyl was fun for a few weeks . Few key bumps worth in some nasal spray.

  6. Joe Rogan is a shill!! because I believe everything Alex Jones tells me. Mainly because I’m really fucking stupid and use conspiracy theories to make myself feel like I know the “TRUE” insider knowledge that they don’t teach in these liberal reprogramming institutions called Universities that keep us real smart people out with their minimum gpa and math requirements. Well guess what shills, according to Alex Jones’ super secret elite informant that he conveniently can’t prove is real because of reasons, the higher the GPA the more likely a person is to believe stupid shit without proof such as the earth is not flat!

    Me and Alex – 1
    Globalist elite shills – 0

  7. Joe "The Shill" Rogan & Ari "The Jew" Shaffir! These 2 Rich Mother Fuckers talking about how good they got it, while the rest of the country is struggling to make ends meet and living in poverty!

  8. The pelican is louisianas state bird, hence the basketball teams name. Look into it.

  9. A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media to create an idealized and heroic public image. The hero personality then advocates the positions that the propagandist desires to promote. For example, denouncing atmospheric aerosol injections, denouncing government funded domestic terrorism, promoting hatred for a nationalist president, advocating for known Nazi collaborators. Joe CIA Rogan is a cult of personality.

  10. Omg Joe, they decriminalized EVERY street drug in Portugal and use, addiction, AND death went down. How do you not know this when you talk about legalizing drugs in like half of your podcasts. 500 times you've discussed legalization and you've never learned about Portugal? Smh

  11. Joe knows about the masked space gremlins in the 6th dimension yet he takes bribes to say that George Soros was captured by the nazis. Joe is under the control of the Bogdanoffs.

  12. Ari, now that you're in charge of Skankfest, can you please get Luis to accept DigiByte as payment?

  13. Yes Joe, the Brazilians have the indoor soccer called Futsal, it definitely improves foot work.
    I believe we play more Futsal than real field soccer. It does no magic but the gifted ones go even further with this intense and beautiful game.

  14. I don’t know why but Joe’s group of comic friends including joe just aren’t that funny on stage. They’re funny don’t get me wrong. But for all the attention they all get there isn’t one of them besides Sometime Tom Segura who have that STAR comic set. Ever see def jam Chris tucker or one of Chappell’s early stand ups? Eddie Murphy , ralphie May Ron White. Even Delia isn’t as funny as they make him out to be. Joe always talks about how funny someone was and says he was “howling” which also means they weren’t that funny but since they’re friends he’s going to exaggerate how funny they’ were on stage that night. I love uncle Joey but he’s been on stage for almost 30 years and is a solid 6 Bert just tells exaggerated wild stories who is a solid 5. Ari’s comedy is dark and crazy, you have to be into that type. He’s a comics comic. Joey was saying how he bombed on his net flix 30 min special bc he got into his own head and blah blah. You’ve been doing this for 30 years Joey. You should be able to pull it together for a 30 min Netflix special that can change your whole life. His standup is just him telling us stories from his past that are wild but he didn’t make very funny just my opinion, don’t kill me without facts just bc you may like joes podcast

  15. "Thousands of people die every year from alcohol poisoning." "When drugs are legalized, associated issues normalize over time." How many more years of "normalization" will it take before thousands of people stop dying every year from alcohol poisoning?

  16. Go fuck yourself if you down vote this. Take your own dick and put it in your stupid asshole.

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