Joe Rogan Experience #1131 – Dave Rubin


  1. Joe is right about building regulations. I've been an electrician for 17 years and it's not just the workers willing to cut corners. It's the building owners themselves. I've been asked to do shady shit more times than I can count. Just so they can save a buck.

    Cunty construction companies that do everything on the cheep are already a problem WITH regulations. Getting rid of them isn't going to cause otherwise cunty humans to suddenly be benevolent.

  2. Is it just me or does Dave come off as a bloviating bore?

  3. Dave "Mad Max: Fury Road" Rubin. Yeah if your ideas came to pass that's exactly where we'd be headed.

  4. Should've asked Dave why he changed his opinions on politicians like Bernie Sanders once he started taking the Koch Brothers' money.

  5. I don't know who this guy is but he seems like a bullshit artist. He spends a lot of time patting himself on the back and complimenting Joe. Also does the standard bitching about the main stream media and "they". I would have taken him more seriously if he hadn't spent most of his time complaining about people complaining about him. Seems like he's just trying to say the right things to get attention.

  6. I’m sorry but Dave and his clinging to the “IDW” label and “just move” approach can kiss my ass. I’ll think of you when I’m voting for Bernie, Dave.

  7. You know you are severely out of touch when you think and suggest"Just move your family, careers, and all your worldly posession out of state " as a real practical answer to problems with the government.

  8. When will this hack come out as a conservative already? Calls himself "classic liberal" while only having right wing pundits on, he is also funded by koch brothers to complain about actual liberals.

  9. Joe seemed to be forcing himself to disagree with Dave. Is he jealous of Dave and Jordan’s relationship.?

  10. 800+ down-votes and numerous comments by people who can't handle a calm, perfectly reasonable conversation. Not agreeing does not make anything said unworthy of saying. Agree or not he is a more tolerant and intelligent man than most of his detractors pretend to be. There is no excuse for the way speakers like him are treated.

  11. Nostradamus did say the antichrist would come from the west, that he'd be a leader, be loved by everyone etc etc. So when Dave talks about the next "hitler" coming with a smile on their face and being undetectable due to our constant exaggerations regarding who is bad, it's pretty scary shit.

  12. I don't buy this guy… seems like a bit of an idiot… seems very sure of everything – a trait I find proves the quite opposite more often than not….

  13. Not everyone can afford to move: that shit is HARD. I feel super lucky to have left Indiana for Oregon.

  14. I love reading comments that hate on libertarian policy, but have no legitimate understanding of what libertarianism is😂

  15. I’m 30 seconds in and I already want to strangle this cunt. All these people want is clicks! fuck me, your a dumb fuck Dave

  16. I am pretty far left but seeing MSNBC and CNN react to the Trump-Kim meeting made me greatly disappointed my allies.

  17. dave and joe are almost like opposites . . . . what I mean is, they both claim to be centrists leaning left. . . . but dave exclusively gets rightwing nutjobs on his show and then never challenges them on any of their shit, just so he can be the one gay guy who talks to conservatives, it is all a stupid gay righty shtick for dave. . . . . but joe gets people from every side on his show and disagrees with them outwardly and immediately when he does. . . . joe is who dave wishes he could be if he wasn't so dependent on coke bro cash. . . . dave is like Candace owens, except a gay white man, instead of a straight black woman, it is the same bullshit niche they are both trying to occupy. . . . it is as dishonest as a person can be. . . . and the worst part about dave is he claims to hate identity politics when it is all he knows how to do. . . . he systematically labels people into this or that category and pretends he is above labeling when he is actually the definition of what he pretends to hate so much.

  18. Yo Dave. Next time Joe doubts the ideological disposition of universities… just tell him to get Lindsay Shepherd in for a show

  19. Well, this was cancer.

    The highlight has to be Dave Rubin's prediction that if the Bernie-wing Democrats take over the party, we will be headed for societal collapse. Yes, a strong middle class with higher wages for working people, tuition-free college, people actually having healthcare and not dying because of rapacious healthcare companies…sure sounds like a nightmare to me! It's not like countries that already have these things implement them just fine and report the highest happiness rates in the world or anything. And Rubin labeling these ideas as "identity politics" is just…what? It's literally a policy driven ideology and the exact opposite of identity politics.

    And of course, Joe, generally being a chill ass guy, just lets Rubin spout idiotic AND ideological talking points (something Rubin pretends to be against). It's simultaneously one of the things I love and hate about Joe. I'm the same way with other people — we're all human and I couldn't care less about your ideology to get along with you, and the conversational tone of this podcast is great in general — but there has to be more intellectual pushback on horrible ideas than this.

  20. Joe Rogan's comment section in a nutshell:
    Liberals complaining when Joe has a conservative on.
    Liberals complaining about conservatives complaining about the Liberal guest.
    And vice versa! It's the dumbest, most shallow comment section on YouTube full of rigid ideologues who are as dissonant as they are stupid.

  21. Sure let's move my family and get a new job, so easy these days. How about these "united" states have the same laws and regulations all across the nation like EVERY OTHER GOD DAMN COUNTRY

  22. Rogan had the patience of a saint to sit through this clown's scripted Koch bros' talking points. 90% of the time Rubin has that glazed, defensive look of a conman. This is not an argument between two people, but between a human being and a well-paid mouthpiece for a RW thinktank.
    "I firmly believe the Left of Sanders is rooted in identity politics," he claims. What a little lying snake Dave Rubin is.

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