Joe Rogan Experience #1131 – Dave Rubin


  1. Rogan had the patience of a saint to sit through this clown's scripted Koch bros' talking points. 90% of the time Rubin has that glazed, defensive look of a conman. This is not an argument between two people, but between a human being and a well-paid mouthpiece for a RW thinktank.
    "I firmly believe the Left of Sanders is rooted in identity politics," he claims. What a little lying snake Dave Rubin is.

  2. Sure let's move my family and get a new job, so easy these days. How about these "united" states have the same laws and regulations all across the nation like EVERY OTHER GOD DAMN COUNTRY

  3. Joe Rogan's comment section in a nutshell:
    Liberals complaining when Joe has a conservative on.
    Liberals complaining about conservatives complaining about the Liberal guest.
    And vice versa! It's the dumbest, most shallow comment section on YouTube full of rigid ideologues who are as dissonant as they are stupid.

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