Joe Rogan Experience #1130 – Adam Frank


  1. The evidence is the lies in religion. Lies are based on facts to lie about. Get it?

  2. I got 3:40 seconds into it and Adam Frank has said words like, 'Right' and 'You Know', groveling for confirmation, so many times I want to delete the last 3:40 seconds of my memory.

  3. What is easier technologically: colonizing the solar system (because we've fucked up Earth) or fixing Earth (because we've fucked up Earth)?

  4. How many of those remaining can farm? make fucking cell phonesπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. What happen to having eric dubay on go debate Neil degrasse Tyson chicken? Did he back out like a snitch ass bitch?

  6. Just because there might be more planets with life, doesn't mean that there is "No God". We might just find that God has more than one planet of people. Why is THAT so difficult to believe? It's not so unbelievable to see that a Universe Creating God, wouldnt have more than one world.

  7. Moon landing is fake joe and you know this shit. You sold out. And it's on camera.

  8. I was really disappointed with this one. Probably my least favorite JRE ever but I’ll forgive it because this show is so good pretty much every other time.

  9. @ 7:30……..who is Adam swearing to?

    Everything he says is speculative. Astro-biologist? We can look at light from stars unfathomable distances away and differentiate the light as it passes through the atmosphere of their orbiting planets……I call bullshit. C'mon dude, how dumb do you expect us to be……where's Eddie when you need him?!?!

  10. On climate change, I'm with Thomas Sowell.
    1. Is climate change happening – seems so.
    2. How much is Carbon emissions contributing to climate change given that climate change started hundreds of years before carbon emissions were significant – highly uncertain.
    3. How damaging will climate change be – unknown.
    4. If carbon emissions are responsible, is there a viable way of significantly reducing carbon emissions – not currently.
    5. Are climatologists unanimous and unbiased – most definitely no.
    6. Where's the bias – climatologists get billions (not millions – billions!) in funding for research. Does anyone imagine that they will produce research that says, you know what, there's no problem here, please stop giving us billions???
    7. Reducing carbon emissions means relying on billions of poor people to stop burning wood – does anyone imagine that poor people in India or Africa will tell their kids to go cold and hungry because westerners have started buying hybrid 4×4's instead of the usual gas-guzzlers?

    This is left-wing bullshit. The world has problems that are present and real – let's deal with them first and worry about phantoms after that.

  11. Soon as I clicked I heard "For me it's all about climate change" annnnnnnnnnnnd I said fuck that and left.

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