Joe Rogan Experience #1128 – Ryan Sickler


  1. Joe "it's weird that's are national animal because they're ruthless, flying fucking cunts" Rogan

  2. Loved hearing Joe talk to a guy from my home state. Also, trotlining is a blast…

  3. Interview lake fork guy. He makes fishing videos on YouTube and also had brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. Great guy you would like him. You pulled a picture of him up on the screen with a alligator gar

  4. Wtf why did YouTube pull the first one?! I was almost done and it went black. I'm so tempted to replay the whole thing to find what is missing

  5. Okay…talking a lot about crab. The guys that work the crab are not crabbermen…which makes me think this dude is a city boy. They are called watermen.

  6. SICKLE CELL!!! Future home run derby CHAMP! FUCK THE CRABFEAST ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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