Joe Rogan Experience #1127 – Jesse Itzler


  1. Great Podcast!!!.

    Jessie's sleeve's are relentless……lol……the struggle is epic!!!

  2. Easy to be so happy and motivational when your wife is a billionaire. He seems like an ok guy and pretty down to earth, but.

  3. Rottweilers are so inbred that theres a chance they'll turn on there owner at some point. I like em but i think of them as kind of dumb dogs.

  4. Joe dropped another piece of brilliance again around 1:16:50 as he explains happiness. I don't think he realizes he's in his moment when this takes place.
    Thanks for another vitamin Joe!

  5. how is it even posible to tsake 10% of someone's buisness life?

  6. Drinking game. Drink a shot every time he says “time”.

  7. Brendan "I like hanging out with only dudes" Schaub, made an incognito appearance

  8. JESSE JAYMES????? holy shit I wondered why he was familiar… I loved his album.

  9. Joe is so insecure he wont even let the guy tell his dog monastery story without interrupting to tell his own stupid dog story. That TRT replacement has Joe trapped in a 20 year old agro mindset. Everything's a challenge, even a damn dog story.

  10. "If I think tomorrow, im just going to coast and eat twinkies and watch tv, oh hello sadness my old friend, hello depression. Because when you arent doing anything you feel like shit."
    I strongly agree with this statement. I have realized the importance of "feeding your mind" years ago and try to educate friends and family that are experiencing depression. I think that keeping busy and challenging yourself can drastically change our mental health.
    Keep up the good work Joe, these podcasts have the ability to enlighten our communities.

  11. Hot dog eating contest only buns wieners are offensive im gender fluid / half turtle / unicorn

  12. How many minutes after arriving to the monastery for Joe to shoot a broadhead through a German Shepherd?

  13. Really enjoyed this one! The whole conversation about time really gets you thinking

  14. Those poor bastards get one hour of television a week and they choose to get misinformed.. so they really have no idea of what's going on.

  15. When he talked about being a fruitarian that enjoyed being with just dudes, I thought he was describing Brendan Schaub.

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