Joe Rogan Experience #1125 – Candace Owens


  1. Joe Rogan has the patience of a saint. Jesus christ this girl is a numbskull. She obviously is super stubborn and refuses to be wrong even when she's wrong. She obviously doesn't know how to google shit. She just called out scientific american as a fake news site says she never heard of it. Maybe she should do some research and learn that Joe Rogan has had dozens of podcasts with scientists on climate change. This Candace is whats wrong with America, she doesn't know but thinks she knows and thinks she can convince others with confidence. If she can't figure out how to use google to find out that climate change is real, she really shouldn't be opening her mouth about anything.

  2. Joe and Candace both need to brush up on Native American history ignorance is not an excuse you are both educated humans act like it.

  3. She’s cute, she’s the type of girl I would pretend to care about race gender and politics for

  4. Joe keeps pumping these podcasts out like he finally took that adderral Jamie gave him.

  5. I think Joe's tolerance for conservative goofery gets smaller and smaller with each podcast. lol

  6. What I most appreciate about Joe Rogan is his ability to listen and converse with an open mind. He's not a one line shill

  7. Global warming is fake because it has the word globe in it and the world is flat! wake up sheeple!

  8. Man I'm a big joe rogan fan and I think watching him flip flop from right to left is hilarious lmao

  9. Chelsea handler had a short Mexican on her show she called taquito. Now she can't believe how racist people are. Funny how things happen

  10. Terrible interview. Rogan is like a bull terrier going on and on about climate change – which he obviously also knows nothing about. Bullying for the sake of bullying.

  11. Trump is sooo racist he.defended Mike Tyson when he was falsely accused of Rape, no other white person defended Mike!! They are still friends till this day, video of Mike showing his love for trump is on YouTube , yeah Trump is a racist, you idiots!!!!!

  12. Well this was an anti-climax. Thought she was gonna be this super smart, insightful dynamo. All rather predictable opinions verging on ill thought out. The religious shit, the global warming semantic gymnastics she tried to pull was like listening to a teenage girl try to argue with her parents. God help you lot if this is your definition of an intellectual…

  13. Does Rogan also believe that scientific research isn't paid for by the food industry, the drug industry, the sugar board etc. to corrupt the results?

  14. Wow this really turned into a mess. I respect her cause but she really lacks enough substance to back up her conviction. Otherwise you just "chatter" without really saying very much. Love that aderol! She was floundering during that whole climate change interaction. Joe was testing her actual knowledge and she was totally unprepared for that. Her whole spiel was very formulaic and bare. She is probably just a tool for the new conservative movement. To be fair, Joe saw the hole in her game and exploited that shit. There are very legitimate counter arguments to the climate change debate. Joe wouldn't mess with a Charlie Kirk, Ali Alexander or even bother his buddy Crowder on that topic. Joe knows when he is out matched intellectually.

  15. Teump is soooo racist he helped Jennifer Hudson a black singer after her mother was savagely murdered by a relative for nothing!!! He let her stay as long as she wanted in a penthouse!!! Trump is sooo racist!!!!

  16. Out of all the prominent black conservative philosophers and speakers, whom have far more experience and knowledge (like Thomas Sowell and Larry Elder), you chose this airhead who has no original ideas and just repeats mainstream rhetoric while offering no societal solutions.

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