Joe Rogan Experience #1124 – Robert Schoch


  1. This was a good one, I enjoyed it … Can I call you grandpa Bobby Schoch?

  2. So glad robert mentioned the thunderbolts team and plasma cosmology 👍

  3. I need tp witness this purposed epic world ending lightning storm, paul stamets style.

  4. Why do people say it was a lion when all the ancient art, text, tombs and symbolism say it was Anubis? I'll listen to the Egyptian history and what they say it was.

  5. If you enjoyed the electrical theories proposed by this guest, check out "Wal Thornhill Electric Universe Theory" on YouTube for more information about how the universe could very well be. Modern "consensus" about gravity, black holes and the big bang may turn out to be incorrect to the mainstream in the coming years and decades.

  6. Anyone else notice dude doesnt blink? Wtf? And whats up w the breathing thru his nose when he's talking? Like he's playin a didgeridoo

  7. My theory is they used Pyramids to produce electricity

  8. I want to believe, but unfortunately, there isn't enough evidence for the hypothesis. This guy was also on ancient aliens alot…. he loses alot of credit there…

  9. What's under the Sphinx will make religions shit their collective pants..That's why it can't be opened.

  10. 1:45:40 Actually.. according to the old egyptian priests talking to Solon.. they all died. But unlike the other kingdoms in the world, they didnt fail to preserve the knowledge.
    Thats why they got a kick-start, WHEN rediscovered.

  11. Unlisted??? Please, list it! Make it available! NOW!! 🙂

  12. Is it our time to rebuild the pyramids before the next coronal mass ejection occurs? Lol, everybody country could contribute a stone to help preserve humanities greatest accomplishments in our cycle. Knowledggggggggggggge

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