Jeff Jarrett Pt 1 – Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast 190 w/State of Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett is in the notsam Studio talking to Sam about his Hall of Fame call from WWE, his first run there, matches with Doink, Shawn Michael, Scott Hall, traveling with the kliq, “With My Baby Tonight,” walking out on WWE, and more.

Sam talks about Dominion, previews Money in the Bank and TakeOver Chicago, and more, in the State of Wrestling.


  1. Another great show. Thanks Sam! Looking forward to seeing you on this weeks kickoff shows. I really enjoyed your insight on the Iconics. I’ve heard a lot of other podcasts talk down on their gimmicks without considering what WWE is shooting for. The fact is fact. The two ladies are phenomenal at working with their characters. I think it’s clear they love what they are doing, and it’s fun to watch. Keep up the great work man!

  2. Karen must drive these dudes to pop pills. Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett both had to go get clean. Jeff Jarrett was the reason i watched TNA. Once Hogan and Bischoff came in it went downhill.

  3. Disagree!!! The Iconics are not "Heel" annoying, they are bad TV annoying.Great interview with JJ,  always one of the best listens in the business.

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