Is Lockdown Guard for MMA? and Much more – Ask me Anything 23 – Coach Zahabi


  1. Im confused is he talking about the reverse de la riva or lockdown or is it one of those moves that 10p calls differently. Im used to people refering lockdown as a type of halfguard. 10p lockdown i would say is for mma but not worth learning for mma since its takes to much time to learn for little more result. That time can be use to work on other more important aspects of mma.

  2. Hello Firas. I visited Tristar last Wednesday afternoon from Toronto, though I missed you. It took me a little while to find the gym, since I was a bit disoriented getting out of the subway, and that road construction nearby. It was my first time that far up in Montreal. Your staff members told me you weren't in – I guessed after, you were probably still in the US after doing the Joe Rogan podcast. I wanted to come by and say hello, and to personally thank you for your podcasts. Maybe one day I'll get to meet you. I was told the octagon in the gym should be the same size as the ones used in UFC events, though it seemed on TV, the octagon looked a bit bigger.

  3. where can i ask faras questions im a pro mma fighter and curious about his thoughts ona few techniques

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