EPISODE 97: Rob Van Dam in the WWE

ROB! VAN! DAM! This week Bruce examines the entire run of “Mr. Monday Night” for hours on end. From training with the Sheik, to how he got into WCW, to why he left WCW, visiting Japan to fully become Rob Van Dam, finally getting into ECW, and the big break being featured on Monday Night RAW in 1997.

You’ve got to hear Bruce and Rob’s take on Paul Heyman’s “management style” at the time, the first time Rob met Vince, when the WWF made overtures to sign Rob the first time, who actually arranged the meeting with JR, what the perception of Rob was based on the 1997 run, why Rob got to keep his name in the WWF, why he got the major push in 2001 including a win over Austin, what match changed Vince’s perception of him, the little details Rob thought separated the WWF from ECW, who tried to undermine Rob in the back, who Rob had heat with over changing finishes, who Stephanie thought Rob should be more excited about facing, what advice Shane gave him that he thought was basically asking him to kiss ass, when he wanted to play “pick a hand” with Bruce and why, the infamous Tribute to the Troops story, the time Johnny Ace through him out of a meeting, the time he almost slapped Vince, what title Rob misses the most, of course the full rundown of what happened in the car with Sabu when he was champion, what Rob thinks could have been done differently, and how he thinks the company screwed him out of a major check on the way out. Don’t miss the hilarious story of Bruce smoking with Rob, who reminds Bruce of Rob Van Dam today, whether or not RVD is a Hall of Famer, and much more! With a show this long, with this much detail, this is indeed the “Whole F’N Show!”

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