EPISODE 95: Goldberg

WHO’S NEXT?! GOOOOOLDBERG! He was the hottest star for WCW during their hottest period but his first run in the WWE wasn’t quite as stellar. Did JR try to bring him in before he signed with WCW? What did Vince think about him? What run-ins did he have with WWE superstars before coming in? Who helped bring him in? Who was against it?

Why didn’t he come in sooner? Was he supposed to be a part of WM19? Why did he debut in jeans and a jacket? What REALLY happened with the fight with Jericho? Goldberg in a Goldust wig, who booked this ish?! What was Vince trying to accomplish with Goldberg? What did Rock think of working with him? How did he get along with Hunter? What was the locker room reception to him? What was the hilarious “common theme” with seemingly all of Goldberg’s storylines? When did the relationship start to change? Was their “strike one” and a “strike two” for Goldberg in the WWE? What was Goldberg’s chief complaint? Why was his first loss on a house show? Was the Elimination Chamber match a back up plan? How was business with Goldberg as the top guy? What backstage incident cemented Goldberg’s future with the company? Why book Goldberg vs. Lesnar at WM20? Why was Austin added? How was it decided who would win the match? What did Goldberg say after he left? Does Goldberg deserve the Hall of Fame honor?

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