EPISODE 94: Wrestlemania IV

How do you follow a show like WrestleMania III? Was the pressure on Vince McMahon to outdo himself once again in 1988? How did the company try to capitalize on the success of III, what was thinking behind moving from a dome to casino, what package did Trump offer that “won” Mania for his site, what sucked about the arena, how did the live gate compare to the prior year, ticket pricing strategies, why the crowd was dead, why tickets didn’t sell faster, the original idea for the featured match, how closed circuit worked, the business of VHS in 1988,

who had the tournament idea, why the bracket on TV wasn’t the bracket at the event, the war with Crockett, this show compared to Clash of the Champions, what was happening in Hogan’s real life right after this show, how Hogan dealt with the rumors he was leaving for movies, why Savage was chosen, whether or not DiBiase was considered, when the decision was made, how the company spoiled the main event, why the company ended their long relationship with Video One in Baltimore, why Bruno left the company, why Vince prefers America the Beautiful, how the company booked mainstream acts to sing at WrestleMania in this era, why Bret says he was turned baby face, why Bad News was getting a push, how the association with Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous came to be, discussion on Muraco, the relationship between Graham and McMahon, the steroid policy a this time, why Steamboat left, who wanted Steamboat to bring his family to the ring, why Savage-Steamboat didn’t happen again,

why Butch Reed left, the long rumored story of the Steamboat/Reed/HTM/Savage belt scenario, what Heenan hated about this show, Hogan’s crazy promo, Rude and Savage having fun with the Trumps ringside, a story about Hercules getting heat, Sherri’s favorite role, how Brutus got heat with the company, details about the iconic Andre-Uecker promo, Demolition being cheered as heels, what Vince thought was the biggest snafu before the main event, the wardrobe changes for Savage & Liz, whether or not moving away from Hogan was a mistake, why this show didn’t meet expectations critically or financially, whether or not this is the “worst” WrestleMania of all time, and why Vince never did the tournament at WrestleMania ever again. Don’t miss one of our best shows ever and what the world is watching… WRESTLEMANIA IV!

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