EPISODE 93: First WWF/WWE Draft, 2001

Bruce has had enough and he blows a gasket to start the show this week. Around 18 minutes in, it’s all about the first time Vince McMahon decided to do the very first “brand split” with the First Draft on March 25, 2002! Who had the idea first?

What was the original plan? Who in the office was against a split? Was Flair always supposed to be the first “General Manager” in company history? Was the idea to create “dream matches” for super shows? Was the brand split based on revenues being down or strictly creative? Bruce details exactly how Vince presents an idea and the way the writers worked together in that era. Who was happiest Hogan was back in the locker room? Who did Hall & Nash not want in the nWo? Who was allegedly “blown off” by a friend at WrestleMania? How did Vince feel when people joked about his failure with the XFL on TV? Who first used the word “brand” and why did the company start using it on TV? Who won the battle: WWF or DirecTV? Was there ever a plan to do more than 16 PPVs a year?

Bruce discusses Mark Henry in the Hall of Fame, more details than ever before about the WWF name change, what agreement Vince didn’t honor, what other names were considered, who wanted the word “wrestling” out of the name, rumors about Rey and Eddie’s low ball contract offers, why the lightweight title never caught on, whether or not Stephanie wanted to be a TV star, which Superstars got to tryout for color commentary before Taz was selected, what Vince said at the meeting with the boys prior to the draft, how and where those meetings are held, why Penn State was the host, why RAW got a new look that night, when the talent found out, which talent did know ahead of time, who had special requests, whether or not traveling partners were considered, the silliness of Steve Austin not being in the draft, how Jericho found out, why Hunter wasn’t eligible, why the nWo could be drafted as a group but the Dudleyz were split, who saw the Dudleyz as singles stars, how the Austin-McMahon relationship was at this point, plus details on the first Undisputed World Title belt!

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