EPISODE 92: WWE WrestleMania XIX (19)!

Is WrestleMania 19 the most underrated WrestleMania of all time? It’s Brock’s first WrestleMania and he’s in the main event for the World Title. It’s Steve Austin’s last WrestleMania and the finale of the Austin-Rock trilogy.

It’s Shawn Michael’s first WrestleMania in five years and he stole the show with Chris Jericho. This is the most “stacked” roster in company history. Jeff Hardy, Batista, Randy Orton, Kevin Nash, Goldberg, and John Cena are all on the roster but not on the show. With this loaded roster, why was business down? The buy-rate was down 36% from 2002 but why? Were fans not ready for Angle-Lesnar in the top spot? Did the Undertaker not have a big enough match? Was Hogan-Vince what people saw as the focal point? Had the Rock-Austin feud lost some of its luster? Of course, that night will mostly be remembered for the Shooting Star Press in the main event. We cover that in great detail including never before heard details of the fallout of that evening for both men and you won’t believe it.

Plus we examine the unbelievable choices the WWE made regarding the Booker T-Triple H storyline to build to WrestleMania, the silliness of the Miller Lite Cat Fight Girls, Torrie’s Playboy, the WWE theme ride in Niagra Falls, why the World finally closed, how Austin and Hogan got along, the Flair-Bischoff fight, the Heyman-Gewirtz fight, Shawn’s relationship with Vince, Jeff Hardy’s diminishing interest in wrestling, Tommy Dreamer on the writing team, the original plans for John Cena at WrestleMania, Kevin Kelly, more on Nathan Jones, the rise of Benoit and Guerrero, how the plans came together at the last minute for Piper, who was considered for that spot, and the unbelievable stuff we saw Vince McMahon do in his match against Hulk Hogan. But most of all we discuss the unfortunate sendoff of “Stone Cold” as it’s the retirement match that nobody knew about.

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