EPISODE 91 BONUS SHOW: Saturday Night’s Main Event XV

Fire up the WWE Network and find Saturday Night’s Main Event from 1988 in the Vault to watch-along with Bruce Prichard providing alternate commentary over the final major event before WrestleMania IV!

The music, the graphics, the over-the-top characters — this is everything you loved about the WWF in the 1980s! Bruce and Conrad discuss Harley Race allegedly trying to set the WWF ring on fire and pulling a gun on Hulk Hogan before finally agreeing to join the company. You’ll learn about the injury sustained this night, the court case it created, why Hogan worked as a heel, why DiBiase worked with Savage here just a couple weeks before WrestleMania, a hilarious tidbit you’ve never heard about Andre the Giant, one heck of a prank on Ventura, who designed Bobby’s jackets and Brutus’s gear, what happened with the Killer Bees, why Tama was fired, where Bruce celebrated his birthday, what Vince thought of Nashville, and much more in a very special BONUS edition of Something to Wrestle!

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