EPISODE 90: Shawn Michaels 94/95

Bruce Prichard addresses all of the “rumor and innuendo” about Shawn Michaels during two of the most controversial years in his career.

In today’s episode you’ll hear about THE ladder match that set the standard for all that followed, the Kliq riding together, how HHH joined the group, Shawn’s first WrestleMania world title match, what Shawn and Nash fought Vince about, the night Vince changed his mind about Shawn, why the Heartbreak Hotel was created, what personal problems Shawn had at the time, why Shawn and Nash didn’t drop the tag titles, whether or not Shawn was jealous of Nash’s title run, how Aldo Montoya came in, the crazy WrestleMania 11 press conference, all the Pamela Anderson talk you’d expect, the unbelievable curve ball Vince threw Shawn and Razor for the SummerSlam ladder match, and of course we address Dean Douglas, the Kliq “burying” a guy, the infamous meeting with Vince in Indianapolis, the Syracuse incident with Marines, Tell Me a Lie, and the collapse on Monday Night RAW. This episode is the Showstopper and your Friday Noon’s Main Event!

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