EPISODE 89: Shawn Michaels 1993

“The Heartbreak Kid” has been in singles action for about a year and as we start 1993, he’s the Intercontinental Champion who just headlined a Pay Per View for the World Title.

We address the rumors of what really happened when Shawn said he scuffed his face when he tripped in a parking lot, why Shawn’s matches always had the same finish, how he liked working with Backlund, the original plan for WrestleMania 9, why Sherri was out and Luna was in, a ref knocking his teeth out, why Shawn and Perfect didn’t click, a Vince McMahon rib on Howard Finkel, how Kevin Nash came in, when they started riding together and who joined them, the “weak chin” story Bruce has mentioned before, who Shawn looked up to, who named the Kevin Nash gimmick, how Nash’s look was decided and what it nearly was, the original thinking about King of the Ring, what Shawn thought of Owen, Shawn gaining weight, Scott Hall’s nickname for Shawn, the steroid suspension, Vince and Shawn’s relationship, the financial rumor no one talks about, “fraud” on the hotline, why Shawn was chosen for Lawler’s replacement at Survivor Series, what the hell was Reo Rodgers, Randy working with Shawn, various folks singing Shawn’s theme song, and more!

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