EPISODE 88: WWE No Way Out 2003

As we build towards WrestleMania 19 the roster has never been more stacked but was Goldberg supposed to wrestle the Rock at WrestleMania? Was Bischoff supposed to wrestle McMahon? Was Austin supposed to wrestle Hogan? Why wasn’t Scott Steiner on the card?

Was Austin-HHH considered? We address all of the rumor and innuendo for Mania plus the Tough Enough incident with Bob Holly, moving SmackDown to Fox, the lawsuit regarding Owen, how Johnny Ace rose to power, the crazy story of Nathan Jones, Heyman and Gerwitz fighting, Wrestler’s Court being mentioned by WWE, why Raven didn’t make it, how Blackman’s career ended, what really happened with D’Lo, the WWE-ESPN relationship, Hogan angling for the Austin match and how he shot himself in the foot, the very strange relationship with Girls Gone Wild, breaking cinder blocks over an announcer’s head, the full story on signing the wrong one-legged wrestler, the “haircut” issue Undertaker and others hated, Goldust being electrocuted, Edge’s surgery, Heyman losing power, the way Keller described Prichard, Brother Love’s last WWE appearance until this year, how to make it clear Rock was a heel for the rematch with Hogan, the real life heat with Bischoff and Austin, and the first time we saw Matt Hardy’s “condition” before he was broken in nearly three hours of the WWE in 2003 comes your way for NO WAY OUT 2003!

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