Episode 87: No Way Out 1998

The WWF has struck gold with Mike Tyson agreeing to participate in WrestleMania to the point that the New York Daily News had a headline that read, “Vince Revels as King for a Day!” Business is up and the public attention in WrestleMania is hotter than ever.

In the middle of all this Mike Tyson has a very public split from long time promoter Don King and many think the WWF deal was the “final straw.” We dig into that full story, Vince hilariously coaching Tyson in front of reporters at the press conference, how they handled Cold Stone, plus we discuss the relationship off camera with Mero and Sable, Goldust as Marilyn Manson, the NWA in the WWF, how many buys Tyson needed to add for the WWF to be profitable, where the money for such appearances was earmarked within the company, Shawn Michaels “jacking off” weanies on TV, when Crash Holly got his try-out, how Hunter won and lost a title without wrestling, ribbing Hunter’s nose, Butterbean’s plan for WrestleMania 98, TCI Cable threatening to not carry WrestleMania and their hilarious reasoning as to why, how Shawn Michaels pulling out of shows ruined Owen Hart’s chances to get credit for new records at the gate, Ahmed collapsing on air plane and what the company thought of that, Bradshaw’s rising star as a singles performer, Barry Windham in 98, whether or not Vince ever tried to get the Rock N Roll Express to come over in the 80s, how Vince chose press conference locations, Undertaker’s relationship with his dad, the famous “dumpster off the stage” scene from RAW,

the Jackyl character, why Meltzer hated Sable, how the WWF did the “wrestler comes up from under the ring” skits for Undertaker and others, what Shawn’s doctor said about his injuries and when, how everyone felt about Shawn being injured again, when did plans for the PPV change, who was discussed as replacement, why the light heavyweight division never took off, why Brian Christopher didn’t become a bigger star, Lawler’s relationship with his kids, the AOL-WWF relationship, why the Quebecers were even around, Lawler’s line about Clinton, the Rock’s interview that became an internet legend, when plans for Mania 17 in Houston started, Austin’s reaction this night, the way merch was flying off the shelves, the original card advertised locally, who campaigned for Savio Vega, why Tyson wasn’t there, “what if” Vince had went with Bret instead of Shawn?

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