EPISODE 103: #LoveToKnow

Instead of a single topic in long form this week, Conrad lets YOU ask Bruce the questions! The result is questions about anything and everything including Adam Bomb, Bruce’s “WCW Dream Team” for the Invasion, Bruce’s WCW gimmick as a manager,

why Shamrock left, why Joey Styles wasn’t on WrestleMania, babyfaces being clean shaven, Windham’s “Widowmaker” gimmick, Vince as a heel in Memphis in 1993, the custody match with Rey & Eddie, the Warrior Award, Jericho’s secret meeting with Vince, 02 compared to 03, Heyman negotiating for talent on SmackDown, the “do not view” tapes in the WWE library, Martel not being in the HOF, McMahon versus God, booking a Rumble, Austin’s original WM13 opponent, what if Sting signed in 87 instead of Warrior, a WWF Casino, Kung Fu WWE, Brawl for All in 2018, Karelin and Gardner in the WWE, Vince living in a bubble, WWF in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, Freddie Prinze Jr. in the WWE, Patterson’s relationship with Savage, Saba Simba silliness, the hate from Simon Dean, the JBL-Joey Styles fight, the Tim White suicide skits, exploding death matches in the WWE, and more!

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