EPISODE 102: The British Bulldog

It’s all about Davey Boy Smith with more than three hours on the “British Bulldog!” Of course Bruce and Conrad discuss Dynamite’s injury, the infamous ribs from the Bulldogs, the Rougeau fight, why the Bulldogs left the WWF, how Davey wrangled the Bulldog name, his relationship with Dynamite, all of the feuds through 90-91, the May 1992 suspension,

the famous SummerSlam 92 match with Bret, why Bret was disappointed in Davey heading into that match, how Davey responded to dropping the IC to Shawn, more details about the phone call between Vince and Warrior that got Davey fired in late 92, his 1994 return, the lawsuit that hung over him like a black cloud, his classic matches with Bret in 95 and Shawn in 96, what story line really curtailed his potential, his negotiation tactics in 1996 and how he frustrated Vince, the tag team with Owen, the first European title run, how Meltzer described Bulldog’s fandom in Europe, tons of details behind the heat at One Night Only in 1997, the contract buyout after the Screwjob, when and how Vince brought him back, the less-than-steller run in 99, the silly dog food angles, why his run ended with Vince, and not “if” but “how” Bruce thinks he should go into the WWE Hall of Fame!

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