EPISODE 100: Brother Love

“I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOU!” made Bruce Prichard a television star for the WWF as “Brother Love” back in 1988. But how did a 25-year-old kid working behind the scenes suddenly become a television character? Bruce tells the full story of the Brother Love character, who loved the idea, who hated the idea, and how it was never supposed to be him portraying the character. How did Bruce land the job? How did they “disguise” Bruce originally?

How did the make up, the white suit, and the red shirt come to be? What was the process for creating the Brother Love Show set and format? Plus Bruce discusses the strategy for airing it on Wrestling Challenge before Superstars, his memories of being on NBC, the incredible story where he wound up “in the main event” against Hulk Hogan, who had heat with the character, a hilarious Andre story, and much more from the “golden era” of the WWF! Conrad also asks Bruce about all of the returns of Brother Love including WrestleMania 17! Stay tuned for a surprise at the end that you’ve got to see to believe as a special “bonus” for Episode 100!

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