Drake Reunited Degrassi!!!! – Sam Roberts


  1. Ok it was Rick in a wig he took it off when he was dancing in the hallways the one girl you said wasn’t on the show was on the show also jimmy had been put in a stem cell research trial and was starting to walk towards the end of his days on the show

  2. You should check out the original 80s Degrassi if you're that big of a fan. I'm an OG fan from those days. I hadn't seen much of the new generation at all till this weekend. It's pretty good. Like how they carried on the tradition from the original. Also, the guy on the end that you didn't recognize. That was Rick with short hair.

  3. Pusha T and Drake have been throwing shots at each other for over 6 years. This whole battle started because Drake got tired of Pusha saying he has ghostwriters, when ironically Drake ghostwrites for Kanye who is Pusha T's boss. Drake's response to Pusha's "Infrared" was the "Duppy Freestyle", putting the ghostwriting rumors to rest and taking to task Pusha's own street creditability that he exaggerates. Drake spent time in Wyoming writing for Kanye's new album and Pusha was there, so how can he question his writing ability? Drake is credited as writer for the best song on Kanye's new album. Pusha called him a deadbeat dad who doesn't see his son, but yet Drake chartered private planes for his baby mama and son to come see him. Pusha was lying on Drake some of that track.

  4. No sound on the drake video? Why no sound on the video LetEmInSammy!?!? Sucks watching a video, and not hearing sound… Answer on the show tomorrow so I know it’s real

  5. The dude who played Sean had no clue this was going on, and why no JT? Could have had an angel ring above his head or something.

  6. You should get Kevin Smith on and wax poetic about Degrassi! I would watch the fuck outta that cuz Kevin Smith is like a Degrassi superfan!

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