Colby Covington Is Right That Few Give Him Credit | Luke Thomas

After his UFC 225 win over Rafael dos Anjos to become the interim welterweight champion, Colby Covington earned some respect from the MMA community, at least insofar as being a fighter is concerned. But it remains true so many let their animus towards him impact their judgment of what he’s accomplishing, inside and outside of the Octagon. His behavior is also setting up an epic showdown with current champion Tyron Woodley.

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  1. If you can't see a material difference between what Conor's doing and Colby's exaggerated, but transparently real vitriol is, you are just too sjw to be taken seriously.

  2. I think the problem here is that yes, people will tune in because he talks shit and want to see him lose so technically he's doing the right thing. However his gimmick only works as long as he wins, the difference between him and say Conor, he is quick witted, genuinely funny and it's fairly effortless to him then win or lose people (a shit ton of them)
    get behind him to support em and hopefully see him win again. I don't think that's gonna happen with Colby, the minute he loses that's it for him because that shtick just about flies while he's winning, people won't give a shit about him once he's been humbled because he doesn't have the mic skills of a Conor or Chael and his style as much as i respect it is just awful to watch.

  3. I'm a Trump GUY, from the JUMP, from 2015……………..COlby is still a doucjhe

  4. Luke on point with his observations. That being said, I'm pretty sure Conor got push back for all his comments. Especially during the MayMac presser. Depends on which bubble you live in.

  5. Man I just don't see how anyone can be a leftist…..I can see not being on the right too but my god the left is pathetic

  6. If Colby loses to Woodley, what do we have? A guy who beat Maia, RDA and lost to one of the most dangerous man on the planet? Not a bad resume even if he loses.

  7. I disagree.. Colby is NOT like Conor, Colby goes after people who have nothing to do with his opponent or the UFC for the matter. Conor’s trash talk was directed at his opponents not NFL teams or other organizations etc. Colby’s trash talk is based off lies and fabricated stuff. I don’t recall Conor lying on other people to make himself look good.

  8. If Colby loses to Woodley, what do we have? A guy who beat Maia, RDA and lost to one of the most dangerous man on the planet? Not a bad resume even if he loses.

  9. If Colby's act is so fake and cringe, why are you all so triggered then?
    Fake or not, guess what? IT'S WORKING..

  10. Being offended is pathetic. Colby seems fairly dumb, and he stammers through the same premeditated lines over and over again. But if you allow yourself to experience negative emotion as a result of something he says, you really should refocus your energy on building a meaningful life for yourself.

  11. But Leftist Luke, when you say Tyron Woodley's a 'bright guy,' do you mean Tyron Woodley's bright & well spoken for a black man, implying black men are not historically bright, when compared to their white equivalent's? >< Are you an unwitting agent of White Supremacy & anti-black sentiment believing UFC Welterweight Harambes' fast twitch muscle mass requires higher levels of oxygen the deeper he or other black men of similar body type go into a fight?!?! DAS' RACIS' LUKE ><

  12. Might as well just say him by name – Mike Chiappeta. Worst employee on MMAF, website was a better place without him, unless the goofy mmahour crony ric actually works there. In that case it'd be a close race.

  13. Cut/Pasted from a response below:
    Brazilian isn't a race…that's like saying someone who dislikes Americans is racist. Colby has never said anything remotely racist. He calls things how they are, supports Donald trump and is a white man therefore that makes you butthurt so you just scream racist at him.

  14. Thank you Luke for being honest, you are spot on. This is the fight game, Colby can promote anyway he wants 👌🏻

  15. You view the world like a POS. You shouldn’t go to the White House when Obama was in the White House.

  16. Raw American steel and twisted sex appeal is gonna Molly wop tyquil

  17. Are there TRUTHS to what colby spews out and says?
    Example – if colby did say " the favellas in brazil could be turned into more sweatshops for reebok "…. well does Nike and other large companies actually use SLAVE /Child labour?
    Does colby actually speak the truth?
    Thank you.

  18. Frank Mir is white though, so he lost his job… black privilege in action when you can say that you "literally not figuratively kill someone" & its not even brought up

  19. Why does there needs to be consistency? People can be as inconsistent as they want. It doesn't matter.

  20. Luke still butthurt that Killary lost. Get over it cause you got 6 more yrs of Making America Great Again.

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