CM Punk Loses at UFC 225 – Sam Roberts


  1. Sam…. My man, you keep calling Mike Jackson "Mike Jones" starting at 4:19 lol. Who? Mike Jones, who? Mike Jones. 281-330-8004 lol.

  2. Mike Jackson was playing with him. CM Punk does not belong in the octagon, like I don't belong in a wrestling ring.

  3. CM punks MMA career was mismanaged. He never should have fought Mickey Gall. Gall is way above Punk's level and that should not have been his first fght. Mike Jackson or someone like that should have been the first fight and his second

  4. CM Punk got 3 rounds because Mike Jackson kept fucking around with him to extend the fight. That’s why Mike Jackson was shitcanned too

  5. I wouldn't step onto the octagon w cm punk. I wouldn't risk getting aids from him.

  6. Look at the thumbnail,it says it all.One guys looks like he's punching a bag and one looks like he's fighting to survive.

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