CM Punk Loses at UFC 225 – Sam Roberts


  1. your so right they just used him it was terrible.Mike Jackson was wiping the floor with him.I feel like they just wanted to use him as an example, it seems like they were just trying to show oh wwe can't compare to ufc in the sense of being "real".They're treating him as if he's a little kid trying to sit at the adult table.

  2. cm punk gave it all he had, but in the end it was a disaster. i'm sure he will be thinking about his next move, whatever that may be. Let's all hope for the love of the sport it has nothing to do with the octagon.

  3. Sam had me laughing hard…Mike Jones…everytime he said it, too bad he didn't go the whole show saying it.

  4. The worst thing that the fight showed wasn't that CM Punk wasn't a skilled fighter, but that he's not even an athlete. Imagine a professional b'ball or football player after 2 years training; would have better coordination, conditioning, poise, reflex and balance and overall form even though they may have lost as well. CM in terms of physicality is basically the same as any ordinary guy on the street but who works hard to optomize his fitness levels, has commitment and heart. But nonetheless was born with zero athletic ability.

  5. CM Punk striking complely sucks and his ground lv is zero, he cant fight that is what we see in this fight, he cant beat anybody, doubt he can beat some neighborhood bully and here we talk professionals….., only think he show is heart everything else sucks on max lv

  6. Punk may have lost, but he made tons of money, that is what he was there for, it is all about the money and a hope for a win..

  7. Mike jackson thanks for exposing punk..!! Ppv hype? Good that jackson embarrased him… Woow good that he lasted 3 rounds..LOL he exposed you as a faker… No credit for punk!! Jackson knew they shouldnt be on ppv and dana just wanted extra money by putting punk on the ppv. So dont b*tch when jackson took his tv time because dana wanted to give it to punk…. Stop hating jackson!! Get that cm punk D Out of ya mouth… Now even in wwe he is a loser if he came back… He now exposed himself….. You not brock punk

  8. one guy looks like he got ran over a truck and one guy looks like the driver of the truck that ran the sorry son of a bitch over.

  9. He went 3 rounds because the guy who fought him was toying with CM Punk. Stop with this “you did it.” participation trophy. He sucks dick, and CM punk should go back to working at Target as a cart attendant.

  10. Look at the thumbnail,it says it all.One guys looks like he's punching a bag and one looks like he's fighting to survive.

  11. I wouldn't step onto the octagon w cm punk. I wouldn't risk getting aids from him.

  12. CM Punk got 3 rounds because Mike Jackson kept fucking around with him to extend the fight. That’s why Mike Jackson was shitcanned too

  13. CM punks MMA career was mismanaged. He never should have fought Mickey Gall. Gall is way above Punk's level and that should not have been his first fght. Mike Jackson or someone like that should have been the first fight and his second

  14. Mike Jackson was playing with him. CM Punk does not belong in the octagon, like I don't belong in a wrestling ring.

  15. Sam…. My man, you keep calling Mike Jackson "Mike Jones" starting at 4:19 lol. Who? Mike Jones, who? Mike Jones. 281-330-8004 lol.

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