Chael Sonnen tells a disturbing story and needs you to listen.


  1. This incident never happened. This is the pro wrestling Chael telling a made up story. Way too many holes.

  2. The man who wanted him in the whole has severe mental problems, and is likely violent in other parts of his life. You are right to be disturbed, and that was attempted murder. In addition, why is the hole there? Have terrible crimes been committed there before? Stay away from those dudes man!

  3. Now you got me wondering why there was a Door in the Floor. Why there was a tunnel under the building. Was the building a movable trailer like most movie support vehicles? Or was the building a concrete slab floor building, permanent structure? What was the ultimate description of the hole? Did anybody ever see what was in it? Sounds like a gateway to Hell or something weird. It seemed to have some effect on the people in the room.

  4. Uncle Chael, you got to go see this hole! It may help bring peace to the situation or make you realize that an actual crime was committed. Bring us along when you do see this hole on your podcast!!

  5. 1- steve is a control freak, psycopath .
    2-jon is seeking help by telling the story outta nowhere because he cant go to the authorities because steve has leverage on jon about something , thats why he is even driving his car…

  6. Don't forget Chael is a prankster, this is a metaphor for something and he will reveal it.

  7. If this doesn't pan out to be worth my time I'm gonna kick his nuts randomly in public.

  8. Chael that is nuts. You must of been sitting in the car saying these guys are a couple of nut jobs. The question is truly why did Steve want him in the hole. I think he wanted him dead.

  9. Pretty sad and simple from an outsiders perspective. John is a tragic person and has likely been victimized before in his life whether he realizes it or has repressed it, maybe as a child or as a kid he was bullied or treated terribly by his family, but he’s clearly used to being a victim. Steve on the other hand is very simply and sickly a sociopath that has a serious disconnection with right and wrong. John’s friend Jared was a selfish prick that I think didn’t realize the potential harm that could come to his friend but nonetheless shouldn’t have done anything to his friend that his friend clearly didn’t want. Tommy belongs in jail. But of course so does Steve; that or Steve belongs in a mental institution, probably likely he’d be incarcerated to a mental hospital should John ever press charges, which he likely won’t. I’d be surprised to find out if Steve hasn’t already done time in jail or with serious mental health facilities. You’re right to be disturbed Chael and I’m glad you are. You’re a moral, God-fearing man and understand right from wrong. I would honestly recommend u stay far away from all four men. None of them could possibly be a healthy addition to your life. Best of luck and God bless! Paige from Dallas, Texas.

  10. the "hole" was a metaphore, it was a gay porn fillm they got tricked into by steve. either that or john is just a pathetic fool who deserves every bad thing that happens to him for being so pathetic.

  11. Maybe john feels bad for him because he is a sick human being. That’s all I can think of. To be friends with the people still is strange tho. Maybe there was a lot of laughter while the incident was going on. Idk. Fucking weird as shit

  12. The Steve is stone cold Steve Austin. He treated Jon like a little brother when he seen the hole he knew was there covered up. He was like “oh someone’s scared.”

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