Chael Sonnen talks Yoel Romero missing weight


  1. Chael’s rhetoric has really improved my way of conversating with others, Albert he talks to himself.

  2. We shouldn't assume that the story we have been given by the Romero camp is correct. Nobody else has independently confirmed it, as far as I know. Were they really given two hours, and did they really take only one before they were told to stop? Other than the Romero camp, who said what, exactly when?

  3. Jesus chael wtf, I can go back and find a video of you saying that Brock would be a rough time for Jones. You stated if you think Jones would destroy Lesnar because he is a much better mixed martail artists you are severely wrong

  4. Imagine the shitstorm if the commission allowed him to continue to cut weight and he ended up collapsing and in hospital.

  5. Hahaha 1st time watching the video version. It's funny watching focused Chael just driving around while talking to himself lol!

  6. His management wanted him to miss weight the first attempt… This is the UFC, it's their JOB to make weight.. Not try and abuse the system.. Fighters have to act professional in a sport based on the fans $$$$

  7. Commission head had to go get her hair cut of something so stopped it early. He also lost 50k bonus for fight of the night. When are you going to do the 'Yoel wont that fight' video?

  8. Listen to Dan Lambert on about it chael he said doctors​ medically​ cleared him and commission head, did not

  9. I think the whole having to be carried away thing was just an act for the cameras because of the missed weight just to Garner sympathy from the fans so they would be not as hard on him cuz the guy in the interview said he was doing perfectly fine in the bathtub

  10. Big fan can't wait to see how your wrestling Does against fedor . Good talk

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