Chael Sonnen talks Robert Whittaker vs Yoel Romero


  1. The third wasn't as 1 sided as chael says robs elbows were amazing in that round.rob won the fight for me.

  2. For me Romero won the fight. Call me a cynic but I have to think that missing weight and therefore not being able to become champion influenced giving Whittaker the decision.

  3. the 3rd round can not be declared a 10-8 because withaker came back strong & hit romero w/ a head kick & other combos w/c is even more impressive after getting clocked the fight was a draw w/c means the champ retains the title & if you factor in the strikes landed to break the draw withaker wins

  4. You tell them that as soon as he didn't make weight that wasn't a championship fight anymore no matter if he won or not

  5. Regardless of 10-8 ,,,, which is totally subjective anyway,,,, if someone wins 3 rounds to 2 then they have won more of the fight ,,, so if someone lands 100 punches against say 2 that's only a round win, so why should someone who knocks someone down maybe twice but may only land 2 heavy shots,,,,, why should that count more ???
    Also look at the damage ,, romero looked like he's be n mugged after that fight ,,,, and he was in hospital ,,,, and he didn't make weight,,,,, how can anyone make a case that Romero won ????????
    I think 10-8 rounds should be scrapped in ufc,,,, it's not boxing,,,,,, wonderboy got ripped off twice against T bone due to 10-8 rounds ,,,,,, how about you don't make weight you start one round down,,,,,,,,, that would stop the cheating ,,,,,

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