Chael Sonnen talks Robert Whittaker vs Yoel Romero


  1. whittaker was knocked down only two times, once in 3rd and another in 5th, i would say 5th round was 10-8 but it still owuld have been a potential draw. why people still are calling knocked down 3 times and a TKO???

  2. Judges destroyed with Shevchenko vs. Amanda, Till x Thonpson, Lyoto vs. Anders and now put the last nail in the coffin of the rules with Whittaker vs. Romero. I'm glad brave faces like Sonnen are manifesting. Congratulations.

  3. kelvin won all his last fights except one and weidman lost his last fights except one

  4. It was a goddam split decision. That in itself tells you it could have gone either way. So what is with the goddam confusion over it?? It was simply a close fight – 2 judges had it one way, 1 judge the other. All this talk of 10-8 rounds and draws?? It's not as simple as saying one round should have been a 10-8. Which judge do you have assigning a 10-8? All of them? One of them? And which fighter getting which round as a 10-8? Whittaker in 1? Romero in 5? It was a damn close fight, 3 judges saw a different angle 2 out of 3 gave it to Whittaker.

    Now after all that consider weight cut and ineligibility of Romero for the belt. wtf? All moot.

    That's the result. Effin close! But it is a win AND a belt.

  5. The judges let Romero lose because if he had won, he would have beaten the champ but would not get the belt. SO corruption and dishonesty. Waw, what a surprise.

  6. Joe Rogan is right; We need to get rid of judges that are used to judge boxing matches. We need a team of five or even more retired mma fighters.

  7. Jones vs cormier 3
    Withaker vs romero 3
    Rose vs Jedjfhwgzjfbh 3
    DJ vs Cejudo 30
    Make it happen Dana "Bald Eagle" White!

  8. How mentally strong Romero is; Can you imagine.. trying to keep fighting, in the fifth round, but knowing that even if you win, you don't win.

  9. Yoel won that fight. He didn’t make weight, but they didn’t give him the full two hours. It’s obvious that only way they would raise Yoel’s arm is if he finished him. Sucks.

  10. Kelvin Gastelum has always been underestimated since TUF 17. He was picked last for the teams because he was young and looked undersized. It was assumed by everyone for each match that'd he'd get beaten. The semi-final when he beat Josh Samman it was almost intended as a setup where it was assumed Samman would win and then fight Uriah Hall in the Final. Then "against all odds" Gastelum beats Hall.

    The very first fight I saw him in I genuinely thought he could actually win TUF 17. His strength and awareness was totally evident. And since then he has massively improved his punch and kick game and just got better and better. Very very tough match for Whittaker.

  11. Casual fans say Whit won… legit mma fans say Yoel won!! You dont know anything about mma if you think otherwise, fact

  12. Whatever happens I want to see yoel again. Best of luck to Robert and yoel on their recovery. Thanks for the match guys!

  13. If Darren till won against wonderboy with that one knockdown, Yoel should have won unanimous. The judging criteria in the ufc is poor and unclear. Yoel inflicted serious damage, perhaps long – lasting, on Rob. Rob poked Yoel alot but nothing significant landed for him, except maybe that one dome kick. Now if this was a karate style point based fight then Rob won. If you judge by significant damage and overall aggression – Yoel won.

  14. Regardless of 10-8 ,,,, which is totally subjective anyway,,,, if someone wins 3 rounds to 2 then they have won more of the fight ,,, so if someone lands 100 punches against say 2 that's only a round win, so why should someone who knocks someone down maybe twice but may only land 2 heavy shots,,,,, why should that count more ???
    Also look at the damage ,, romero looked like he's be n mugged after that fight ,,,, and he was in hospital ,,,, and he didn't make weight,,,,, how can anyone make a case that Romero won ????????
    I think 10-8 rounds should be scrapped in ufc,,,, it's not boxing,,,,,, wonderboy got ripped off twice against T bone due to 10-8 rounds ,,,,,, how about you don't make weight you start one round down,,,,,,,,, that would stop the cheating ,,,,,

  15. You tell them that as soon as he didn't make weight that wasn't a championship fight anymore no matter if he won or not

  16. the 3rd round can not be declared a 10-8 because withaker came back strong & hit romero w/ a head kick & other combos w/c is even more impressive after getting clocked the fight was a draw w/c means the champ retains the title & if you factor in the strikes landed to break the draw withaker wins

  17. For me Romero won the fight. Call me a cynic but I have to think that missing weight and therefore not being able to become champion influenced giving Whittaker the decision.

  18. The third wasn't as 1 sided as chael says robs elbows were amazing in that round.rob won the fight for me.

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