Chael Sonnen talks Colby Covington’s dominate performance over Rafael dos Anjos


  1. Tyron always one punch away from finishing a fight. Colby might walk into one

  2. He won but i can't say he dominated. That word is use too much. I feel like coldly could win the belt but i dont see him having a consisted winning streak

  3. Tyrone will be buried where he stands the New great white hope
    Donald Trump will be proud to have an American hero as champ

  4. basically i would start of by telling him to at least be real 10% of time minimin…give us fans something real some of the time…its not wwe ..and to act like it is well disrespectfull to us fans…sure you can fool some people with 100% shit talk…but it wears thin…the masters no that you need to be real at least some of the time…then boom you hit them in the eyes with some shit talk …then real…then boom again some shit talk…this not stop barrage of bullshit is good but its low level shit..we can do this…come on…entertain us people with half a brain …pleeeeeeezer

  5. Am I the only one who did not see the "dominant performance"? Raf was getting pinned against the cage, but his takedown defense was amazing and he landed far more damage in 3 out of 5 rounds

  6. “You could tell RDA was only bedding 1 girl while I was bedding 2 or 3 a night”
    -Colby Covington

  7. listen we all no your coaching him in the dark arts(verbal arts)…but hes a white belt …..mgregor a black…to be higher then a white youll need to tell him to pick hes moments a touch better…at moment hes like Bart simpson when he had a fight with Lisa…Helicopter punches..who ever gets in his way gets a slap…but its a weak game…house of cards…sharpn hes skills up Chael…put some time into him…yourve just told him to go out there with no skills…it is working to some degree but its no were it should be…or could be..a but of tweaking and mastery will send him skywards…dont settle for so so…at moment its so so…great fight though that was mastery ..

  8. Sir, you should get some guests on this show. Would be a great to see you interview people.

  9. Nobody’s beating Woodley.. Till is you’re best shot but nobody’s beating woodley

  10. I just want Colby to win because Woodley is a sook, he’s made me hate him because he’s black…that’s not my fault

  11. T-Wood is going to destroy Colby. Unified title. Game over.

  12. Damn chael just sold me on the interim belt. 2 guys walk in with a belt one leaves with it. That's badass

  13. As someone who has used steroids off and on throughout life (no competition just military), when I look at colbys body, I see a guy whose never done roids. Now as for the rest of the UFC? I see microdosing testosterone at minimum. So when Colby shows me cardio, and he talks shit about his cardio…and I'm looking at him as a clean fighter, while Tyron look like the rest of the ufc….I'ma tell you…while you're on cycle…your cardio is 75% of what it would have been clean…at a Max. Look at yoel in rounds 4 and 5. That's thick blood. High red blood cell count…that's a heart having to work harder to oxygenate the muscles….and it sucks. Roids can give you great results in small amounts of time. But….you do NOT want to have to fight for your life on them, or be in a 145 degree F country fighting in the sand either. It gasses you. Now fresh off a cycle for a couple weeks? Not a big deal. Cardio comes back in 3 weeks usually depending on the ester time of the substances you chose. But when I see Colby looking like a clean fighter…. Bringing that kind of pressure… I'm kinda worried about Tyron. I really think he might get run over. We don't get to see a lot of clean fighters because the dirty ones usually knock them stupid early. But Colby…. That wrestling, that cardio. That clean body, non 14 pack having abs….I see a clean fighter that is going to be at his neck like a violin. I'm not sure Tyron knows how to play fiddle either. He likes distance between himself and his opponents until he had a good way to get on top.

  14. When was the last time a fighter won four straight decisions and had everyone's attention like this? Colby was out struck and made less then half of his takedowns. Much of this fight was spent against the cage with Colby struggling for a takedown. Amazing cardio is the appropriate takeaway, not dominant world beater. Big mouth wet blanket vs the perpetual victim, at least someone will lose lol.

  15. Colby is unwitty and unclever lmfao! All he says is offensive and bigoted shit and u hillbilly inbreds call it good trashing talking 😂 chael and mcgregor were the definition of clever… he couldnt knock out rda or barely busted him… aint shit like his hick fans

  16. oh oh. uncle chael seems worried that there might actually be a better salesman in mma than him.

  17. Dominant Chael… dominant. But was it? My money is on the proven Woodley.

  18. If Tyron is gonna win it will have to be in the first round maximum second, not a snowballs chance in hell he can keep that pace, Colby won't let him stand there and time shots while using little energy in between like other opponents in past, Woodley might be fucked

  19. Rather than 2 guys walking in with a belt, I would rather one guy walks in with it and the better man walks out with it. This 2 belt system shows signs of the UFC, becoming more like boxing and it's WBC, WBA, IBF, etc, etc. championships. I'm all for ONE fighter at a time wearing the belt that says he is best!

  20. "Its not the best fighter who wins. Its whoever fights the best that wins" Damn chael with the quotes. Ill keep that in mind everytime a heavy underdog wins.

  21. Tf you talking about 75% of his takedowns were stuffed and would be put on his knees because of elbows, got rocked twice and would have to go for the clinch to the cage because he was getting lit up

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