Chael Sonnen talks Colby Covington’s dominate performance over Rafael dos Anjos


  1. Tf you talking about 75% of his takedowns were stuffed and would be put on his knees because of elbows, got rocked twice and would have to go for the clinch to the cage because he was getting lit up

  2. "Its not the best fighter who wins. Its whoever fights the best that wins" Damn chael with the quotes. Ill keep that in mind everytime a heavy underdog wins.

  3. Rather than 2 guys walking in with a belt, I would rather one guy walks in with it and the better man walks out with it. This 2 belt system shows signs of the UFC, becoming more like boxing and it's WBC, WBA, IBF, etc, etc. championships. I'm all for ONE fighter at a time wearing the belt that says he is best!

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