Chael Sonnen slams Joe Rogan


  1. You do not expose company secret….im gonna make a video exposing company secrets.

  2. i get what chael is saying but there is no secret to retain everyone knows and see's right through it

  3. But isn't chael disclosing the business by saying don't disclose the businessđŸ¤”

  4. Sounds like to me that brain damage is starting to kick in on Chael Sonnen age isn't doing him well.

  5. Joe Rogan is a very opinionated guy. Problem with that is that he thinks his opinions are facts. he hates when people disagree with him. Go watch him vs stephen crowder

  6. Chael I see where you're coming from BUT i really disagree? If Joe would have said "This and that happens behind the scenes" sure that's exposing. But saying that Covington talks smack to get people interested in buying PPVs? Colby have said it on multiple occasions that his demeanor makes people interested either if people hate him or love him etcetera? Dana always says that controversy makes people interested to buy PPVs. I think you're making a hen of a feather here. Still a fan of you though!

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