Chael Sonnen slams Joe Rogan


  1. Chael, everyone knew what Colby was doing "if your a hard core fan" like you said. Maybe Joe was a taking a stab back at Colby because of what Colby said……

  2. Ok uncle Chael we know Colbys your secret love child but who cares what that stuttering clown does or says? He is being contreversial for the sake of it and everyones sick of it already.

  3. Everybody knows what Colby is doing. It is not a secret Colby is attracting people by being an asshole. That's what everybody likes nowdays. People like controversy and they particularly enjoy to see a reaction from the other fighter and when he starts "getting emotional" at the stupid shit the other dude is saying. Maybe people don't know that reaction is also part of an elaborate plan to make people believe that now he is all emotional but in reality he is not.
    People like to see two fighters trash talking each other is fun! Other fighters and fans start getting involved, the UFC loves this, trash talking is part of promoting a fight.
    Joe did not disclose no UFC secret, he was just saying the obvious. There was nothing wrong with his comment.

  4. People like Joe for his honesty. Chael needs to keep this to himself, or between him and Joe if he feels the need to talk to him. I love you Chael but everyone seen it and Joe doesn’t need you calling him out publicly

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