Chael Sonnen slams Joe Rogan


  1. Chael u took steroids to fight another man you cant say anything to joe about anything you and colby used words and hugging legs to make money and your using joes name for veiws still your just a bit of a scumbag.

  2. I feel Joe Rogan has got to the stage where he is too comfortable. He knows his position and he’s great at it but he’s starting to treat PPVs like his podcast. Before he would have so much energy and come across engaged fully. Now he’s very casual and is coming across more and more bias. It’s got to the point where it seems like he doesn’t even try anymore tbh. Still love joe tho, but it’s clear his style has changed

  3. This reminds me of when my dad bought a store in brooklyn in the 90s. And within 2 weeks my dad tells the customers how much he really got the stuff on wholesale.. Annnd.. Where to get it from.. Lol, he had to sell the store in 4 months or so.

  4. Kale Sonin, your "trade secrets" have kinda been exposed for several decades. Colby Covington could not have been more obvious at his bullshit. Only an idiot could believe that shit. Also, Joe Rogan doesn't owe Colby shit.
    PS Kale: I'm your biggest fan.

  5. I really enjoy listening to Joe Rogan's podcasts but sometimes he tries so hard to act like a UFC fighter! I think Joe Rogan has some deep regret in not being able to be a professional fighter himself so he probably consoles himself by trying to put down REAL fighters like Colby! I don't know I could be wrong but that's what I think!

  6. People like Joe for his honesty. Chael needs to keep this to himself, or between him and Joe if he feels the need to talk to him. I love you Chael but everyone seen it and Joe doesn’t need you calling him out publicly

  7. Everybody knows what Colby is doing. It is not a secret Colby is attracting people by being an asshole. That's what everybody likes nowdays. People like controversy and they particularly enjoy to see a reaction from the other fighter and when he starts "getting emotional" at the stupid shit the other dude is saying. Maybe people don't know that reaction is also part of an elaborate plan to make people believe that now he is all emotional but in reality he is not.
    People like to see two fighters trash talking each other is fun! Other fighters and fans start getting involved, the UFC loves this, trash talking is part of promoting a fight.
    Joe did not disclose no UFC secret, he was just saying the obvious. There was nothing wrong with his comment.

  8. Ok uncle Chael we know Colbys your secret love child but who cares what that stuttering clown does or says? He is being contreversial for the sake of it and everyones sick of it already.

  9. Chael, everyone knew what Colby was doing "if your a hard core fan" like you said. Maybe Joe was a taking a stab back at Colby because of what Colby said……

  10. Chael I see where you're coming from BUT i really disagree? If Joe would have said "This and that happens behind the scenes" sure that's exposing. But saying that Covington talks smack to get people interested in buying PPVs? Colby have said it on multiple occasions that his demeanor makes people interested either if people hate him or love him etcetera? Dana always says that controversy makes people interested to buy PPVs. I think you're making a hen of a feather here. Still a fan of you though!

  11. Joe Rogan is a very opinionated guy. Problem with that is that he thinks his opinions are facts. he hates when people disagree with him. Go watch him vs stephen crowder

  12. Sounds like to me that brain damage is starting to kick in on Chael Sonnen age isn't doing him well.

  13. But isn't chael disclosing the business by saying don't disclose the business🤔

  14. i get what chael is saying but there is no secret to retain everyone knows and see's right through it

  15. You do not expose company secret….im gonna make a video exposing company secrets.

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