Chael Sonnen says Brock Lesnar sucks, Jon Jones fight will NOT happen.


  1. Chael said it's not gonna happen so now we know that is πŸ’― on !!

  2. Chael is just going to ignore the fact that Jones was bigger than almost everyone he faced too by a wide margin. 2 of Jones title defenses are against literal middleweights unranked at light heavyweight ffs.

  3. Trump became president, Mayweather vs McGregor happened, CM punk on PPV, and so forth. I think it will happen. They are both caught for steroids and disgraced from the sport. Maybe they deserve each other’s and maybe this will get cheating Bones Jones back in the game. For me, I’d watch, but Jones is forever tainted. With what Covington said, pluss St. Pierre saying it’s just as easy to cheat today, plus his getting busted record. Screw Jon Jones.

  4. I think Lesnar should retire from mma or get some world class trainers, that don't train lazy chumps that are tired 3 minutes into the first round, otherwise Jones will make him tired on purpose and merc him bad in the first round. Otherwise, less people will want to see Jones's next fight… Just guessing. Because I'm pretty sure Jones is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Lesnar CANNOT win. Might as well have cm punk fight Anderson Silva. Ffs

  5. I hear Cheal, but Lesnar beat Hunt. And Gus took Jones down. Brock will take jones down as he did hunt AND Couture. And still Jones is better wrestler but so is Couture. Lesnar just lays on top with prabobly 280 punds and smashes those hammerfists with that HUGE fist. Jones cannot get up from there if I’d had to put my money on it.
    Jones may of course kick him in the head at the first minute… but Hunt could not hit him and Hunt doesnt only hit hard he can really hit.

  6. Hope some plays this clip back to this moron of him saying it will never happen when it does. Skill wise yeah I agree jones is better but if brock can ground him then maybe that goes out the window!

  7. Did he jus say a "clean brock lesnar" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. I hope this fight happens. Brock's fanbase (hopefully) will bring a lot of emotional money to the sportbooks. The odds and payout will be slightly better than normal to keep the bets as even as possible on both sides.

  9. Jones would get eaten alive. You can talk to me about "fight IQ" and skill all you want. Lesnar's strength and wrestling would overwhelm Jones.

  10. Brock is a scary monster and we are going to get this fight in Japan, believe! And by believe I mean hope.

  11. Jon jones went 5 rounds with ovince st pruex…by far the worst ranked fighter since they've had rankings

  12. Hey it can be billed as…who ped's wins. Get it, like, who dares wins, but different. πŸ€—

  13. Jon jones is NOT a cheater. Facts shows that there was a TRACE amount of anabolic. It wasnt there before the fight but was there after the fight against DC. it obviously fluctuated but a TRACE amount does not equate to a huge advantage over an opponent. If he really was on the juice, he would've fucked up on the testing before and after the fight. He was set up.

  14. Chael is talking up a storm hoping to fight brock

    Brocks contract with the ufc is ending soon and if chael finds himself as the heavyweight champion in this tourney he is in PRIME position to fight brock in bellator (where drug testing is very laxxed)

  15. Conor vs. Khabib, TJ vs. DJ, Jones vs. Lesnar and Nunes vs. Cyborg. Put it on one card, charge a hundred bucks and pick an MMA SUPERBOWL date and let's do this every year, Dana!

  16. But you a carton of Beer this happens early 2019…. way to much money for UFC missed opportunity.
    Jones by submission of his back….

  17. Chael, I usually respect and agree with your position, but you did also say that May Mac wouldn't happen…. just sayin

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